Wow armory issue

Hi, i been having an issue with my wow armory. It hasnt been updating and the portraits on my mythic plus runs are not there so im not getting io score from them. It completely restarted my io score. I need my wow armory updated but how do i do that?

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That was my alt. This is my main. Also i did put it in as a bug report

I can’t pull up the armory for anyone.

This is fine.

500: Internal Server Error

Our servers seem to be on fire. That’s okay, things are going to be okay. In the meantime, here are some helpful links that are not on fire (yet).

I just looked at your Armory. Seems ok to me. (Nice hidden boots, I suppose Subtlety is easier when you sneak around barefoot.)

Haha yeah, that’s the goal = )

It’s only updating my raid history for certain raids, I did some firelands tmog for the first time yesterday on heroic and it never updated.