WoW 2 is The Long, Awaited Hope

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.


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Considering this game is already on its second engine, this one is a non-issue. They could create a new engine and update the game accordingly.

Nobody cares if they make a WoW 2. It’ll suck. You don’t just magically get a good game from a company that has become extremely bad at development.

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If wow2 was every put out how many of us do you actually think would switch over?.
The only reason I and assume many others play wow at this point is just because we have so much time spent invested in it. Actiblizz can not be trusted to make another mmo and have it be successful.


The long awaited hope that will never happen.

The only way there will ever be a ‘WoW 2’ will be if Blizzard time skips by a few hundred or thousand years and gives us a completely different setting. If you seriously expect them to re-release the same MMO they have now but on a new engine, well, sorry dude, but it’s never going to happen.

If you can’t build a good house, the construction material won’t matter.

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Fortnite has a great engine as it can be played on a Samsung fridge

Other MMOs had these first. DAoC added skirmishes and had Darkness falls. UO and AC had zones that dwarfed WoW. EQ’s story is far beyond WoW. What WoW had was an accessible EQ lite set in a popular franchise.

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Camp 4. Plus I doubt I will ever start playing another MMO. The time requirement is just to high.

I honestly don’t think current Blizzard has the capability or the ambition to make a game as big as WoW 2. Diablo 4 and Overwatch is as big as it gets.

And yet you suggest absolutely nothing about what it could be. What this “world of possibilities” even slightly entails. What would even be different between what we currently have and this vague hypothetical game. You aren’t suggesting anything at all beyond WoW but with a 2 on the end. Forgive me for not being blown away by your vision.

As someone that started EQ near the start, WOW was a MMO for casuals -, instances, less painful death, faster leveling and much lower downtime.

Staring at that dam book forever at the start, trying to get mana back and setup your spells you had available

*I can still hear that theme music when I close my eyes…

Oh ya and this…

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That maybe true but WOW did it better, implemented them better and added better ideas.

I remember DAOC crashing a lot during its time and leveling wasn’t as engaging as WOW.

Camp #6:
If you don’t like SL what makes you think you’d like WoW2 that’d be made by the same people who make the game you don’t like now?


Months later

“Where is everyone?”

Oh they are doing [whatever they would call Mythic plus in wow 2]

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Why not add WoW 3 and skip 2 and hook it up with Steam and make it VR.

If your going to revamp revamp it with a VR set.

Who would not want to play wow with a VR headset?

I’m happy to look at your own market research that proves this game will be a success. Recent history just doesn’t favor it. Maybe you should see about reinvigorating the hacky sack market :slight_smile:

I’ve always been for it.
But when I see who writes for this team, who green lights ideas, and who is lead designer. That’s a big nope from me 'cause ultimately, the end product will still be below average.

deep dive vr :heart:
one can only dream

Trying to figure out how you assume them making a second version of WoW is gonna change how this company runs.


I honestly still can’t believe they are making an OW2. Why!?!? You can just add that stuff to, and overhaul, OW1. Not every game needs to release a sequel every year like Madden or CoD. It’s dumb. It’s just a money grab, imo. WoW2 would be the same thing.

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