WoW 2 is The Long, Awaited Hope

Do any of you guys really think this current dev team has the talent to make a WoW 2?

They can’t even make a fun expansion anymore, and all they had to do was copy their good ones.

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Anyone that does is playing with themselves lol, after all they’ve done to still defend them at this point is obsession.

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lolwat - have you ever played another video game? WoW is basically notorious for delivering inferior graphics for 4x the resource usage. If anything, the move to something like UE would require less powerful PCs to get better performance.

Thing is… WoW is already a very big game… made by a big company that’s been bought by a very big company and that’s been bought again by an even bigger company. They didn’t get here by playing simple and dreaming small. Moving forward and taking a big risk would be another goal for the current owner. I personally think it would benefit everyone to make a WoW 2 (including the current owner), but transfer all existing users plus characters to the new world for free and let everyone keep their achievements as well.

We don’t need a reset. If you delete my years of game time I will press on that big red button that says “do not press”.

They don’t need to make it. WoW is the #1 MMO on the planet.

The only thing they’d do by making another one is split the population.

This is the unfortunate truth.