WoW 2 is The Long, Awaited Hope

What does this have to do with what I said? We are on version 9.0 which means this is WoW 9. We can get an updated engine w/o scraping the current game. Also a new MMO will take a MINIMUM (knowing Blizzard it would be way more then that) of 5-6 years and the last MMO they tried cost them an estimated $60,000,000.

If Blizzard was going to make a new MMO (which is what they seem to be trying to do with D4) it will have to happen concurrently with updating WoW.

Retail is the game the developers want to make. Remember for how long vanilla wow requests were laughed at by them?

WOW2 is retail. It became wow2 some time after cata, maybe with cata. hell you might argue the features of WOTLK were the foundation of what wrecked this game.

But retail wow is 100% wow2.

Turned out few love their vision for their game.

So what makes everyone think if you got todays generation of california soiboi dev to make a new wow that it would be any different in quality than what is here now?

You’re not listening. The genre is hungry for innovation in the MMORPG community. It doesn’t matter what the world is. World of Warcraft in 2004 improved the genre and gave us things like battle grounds, factions, story, huge zones which was lacking in other MMOs. They actually listened to what players wanted from EQ 1 and made their game more solo friendly.

I remeber my 1st time in WOW and traveling in between zone with out a loading screen was a big deal for a lot of people.

I’m telling you this genre is far from dead because its there. It just hasn’t seen anything new added to it.

Example: Everquest next was promising innovation this genre needed.


Im not sure any company would have the balls to make a game the size of wow classic. If you think about how big vanilla and TBC are combined as a game, some mmorpgs have been out 5 years and dont have a fraction of the world and content.

Its sort of sad honestly.

I still sort of hope for blizzard redemption as a developer with a new wolrd of warcraft made in the image of classic with modern tech, combat, and some QOL. We all would. It would sink blizzard if it failed so theyll never do it. No company has tolerance for risks.


We are playing wow 2…wow changes every xpack why would they make another game over just giving a new world?

I wouldn’t want a WoW 2 made by this team anyways. If WoW is to be redeemed it needs to have it’s leadership pruned. Everything that is wrong with the game now will be prevalent in “WoW 2”

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And I agree with that, but you’re not going to attract players that aren’t already into MMO’s. Whatever innovations they make, the core gameplay stays the same. You get “x” amount of content to grind out over a 6 month period and then you get to do it all over again…forever. Making the game more solo friendly doesn’t solve that.

The game is arguably more solo friendly than it was at launch. You just weren’t getting very far without a decent guild. Frankly, a game where you can do everything solo isn’t an MMO. You’d probably be happier with an offline RPG.

We all love a game made b y people who no longer work on it and their vision is no longer with the company. You are 1000% right. The people making wow dont get why people loved the game, and that has happened slowly for 15 years.

I too wouldnt want this group of devs making wow 2. Hell i dont want them making patch updates.

Im also terrified Diablo 4 is going to be the nails in the coffin for Blizzard as a great game developer. They really havent done anything great in a very long time…

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They have great ideas, Overwatch was the last time Blizzard showed their dominance with that games beta alone killing Battleborn in a single day. But like everything else it was left in the hands of incompetent leaders. WoW SL has great ideas but are all terribly executed by incompetent leaders.

I would 100% resub to WoW for a full year if I knew that Ion was being replaced as lead dev, the guy can make raids for days and he’s good at it, but you don’t put the head cafeteria chef in charge of the entire hospital.

Overwatch was ok…agreed it was probably the last decent thing i can think of that blizzard did where i said after “yeah you cant go wrong with a blizzard game”

Maybe the issue with blizzard is they are going after professional programmers, and not neckbeard kids who love larping and playing D&D ect.

Im in the “WoW 2 would likely be a rather mediocre game, if it were ever to become a thing”.

Why? Development costs. Blizzard has been trying to cut costs everywhere for the past few years. There is absolutely no way a sequel would get the funding it would need to be made.
Not to mention it’s a gigantic risk with little reward (for Blizzard). At best the could capture an entirely new audience while old WoW players stay with the old game. And at worst it would just pull away some current WoW players while failing to capture a new audience.

And unless they hire an entire new team of people, they would have to pull away staff from their current game to work on WoW 2. Which realistically would take the better part of a decade to make. And as a result would likely be infested with microtransaction and pay-to-win mechanics. Praying on whales would be their only hope of recouping the development costs. Especially if you factor in the opportunity cost of losing development time on other games.

Maybe im just jaded or pessimistic. But i can’t see Blizzard making a sequel to WoW while the current one is still going. Or investing the resources needed for such a project. Or making a game that will live up to peoples expectations. Just see this forum to get an idea of what people want out of a sequel. It basically boils down to “The bestest game ever!!” and/or “You can do EVERYTHING!”. And if those expecations are not met, it’s going to bomb right out of the gate unless the game can capture an entirely new audience.

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I would say this is accurate. At least until some new innovation begins and then it all starts again.

Playing RPGs online with friends was once a novel idea. Now its just mundane, especially to younger people. But eventually some new technology will come to breathe life back into the genre. Just a matter of when.

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This right here lol. WoW isn’t exactly a “cool” thing to do lol.

why does it have to be called wow 2 though? :weary:

I never get why they think the team that “ruined” WoW will magically make a sequel that people will like, rather than doubling down on the things that “ruined” WoW.

Oh, is that so? Can you show me your market analysis on how you arrived at this conclusion? Looking forward to seeing your commentary over existing brands’ financial positions and EPS futures, as well as the blended EBITDA projections from said brands that helped you determine this is a dead market.

I’ll wait, because you obviously must know something that the entire finance team over at Riot missed when putting together their capital budget and ROI projections for their upcoming MMO.

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I don’t need to be a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing. Smarter people than us have tried and they fail time after time. You don’t need to worry. WoW is going to be around for a long, long time.

Lol, yeah… standing outside and putting your finger up is comparable to the dynamics of the stock market and company performance.


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In many ways modern WoW is WoW2 in other ways it’s just a retread of the same stale formula.

Graphics wise retail is pretty amazing for the style of art. Game wise it’s still just tab target attack table game play running in the background.

I assume you want a change to the latter.

But to what?

On another note, WoW2 aside, what modern WoW needs are classic style closed servers (no transfers, no boosts, no cross realm, no LFR, no auto queue for dungeons) but with more guild and community building tools added in.

Asking for a WOW 2 is almost the literal definition of insanity. The same developers giving you patches today will take 4-5 years to rebuild WOW with better graphics. The game play will practically the same because it is the same developers. Heck, they might even use the same game engine with some updates.