Would you support Retail server consolidation


…if it meant you character toon names were at risk of being altered?


100%. the sooner this happens the better for the game.


Yes. This toon has had a dozen names over the last 15 years, one more won’t hurt.



this. As someone who has had to xfer more than once because a server went down the drain and couldn’t support a mythic raid group (no one on-server to recruit, and no one willing to xfer to a dead server), the state blizz allows these servers to get into before doing something about it (merges) is pathetic.

(Maizou) #5

No. I take literally days naming my characters. I do not want someone else taking them just because they login to their characters first if our servers ended up merged.


Just looking for clarification here. What’s the advantage of this over connected Realms?


It would be an actual solution instead of a half assed, doesn’t really solve anything solution.


The goal would be to have super-sized realms that would hopefully reduce / eliminate the need for sharding.

Other eventual refinements would be to have server only pvp / pve queues if the population was big enough.

I suppose it’s to foster community-building?


No. I pay for my name changes and realm transfers.


I agree with doing that but what I mean is, connected realms already shares everything (guild, ah, literally everything) and we’re sharding and layering on top of that already.

So let’s say we connected all the Oceania realms aka no need to share, everyone could keep thier name and still do what you suggest.

The only difference between what you suggest and connecting a whole bunch of realms is that people and guilds would have to choose new names.

(Primalmatter) #11

It really is time for retail to be reduced to maybe two dozen realms top. The end comes no matter how much some try to deny it.

(Cyniel) #12


(Cursewords) #13


I like all my character’s names and get compliments on them often. If I lose a few, I think I could come up with more that I would like.

It would be a worthy sacrifice. The game will never have 12 million subs again. Consolidating the realms is over due.


All my character names come from that ‘Random’ button so I really couldn’t give a hoot.


What if rp servers remained the same? I feel like people who care deeply about their names probably have characters there already

(Oriphaar) #16

Yes yes yes yes yes.

Names don’t even need to be at risk of being altered. Just leave some indicator in their name that they’re not the original (x) from the server they’re on now, but they’re from another server.


Especially for servers like mine. Sharding/cross realms pretty much ruined the only good part about having a dead server - easier access to rares. Whenever I go outside of the great seal I usually see players from a bunch of other servers but never my own.


There is zero database reason why you can’t have multiple players with the same name on the same server. What is Blizz using? SQL2004???


I’ve waited until BFA to get my hands on this name, so… no.
Also I’m not super sure I want the people from MG Goldshire showing up in WrA.

(Rhielle) #20

We already have server mergers. They’re smart mergers where we don’t lose guild names or player names. They’re called Connected Realms.

Stop asking for people to get screwed out of player and guild names when we don’t have to be.

Blizz just needs to do a lot more Connected Realms. Period.