Would you support Retail server consolidation

(Rhielle) #21

No MMO I’ve ever played has allowed you to have the same name as someone else on the same server. It may not be about coding as much as it’s about not getting confused as to who is who.

And again… they can do this with Connected Realms as it is. That’s what Connected Realms are: smart mergers where we keep our names and guild names.


Easy for the back-end systems, but not for the players.

Who is your whisper going to if 8 people have the same name? Who does your mail go to?


So you’d prefer the current form where we make as much use of sharding as possible?

(Rhielle) #24

Sharding has zero to do with Connected Realms.

Connected Realms are server mergers done in a smart fashion.

CRZ and sharding are completely separate issues.


That’s where the back end comes in. The player thinks they’re whispering Joe Blow from Frostmourne. The system instead sees a whisper to player ID 484bj773ks80. For new whispers or mail, simply expose the player ID in the UI to differentiate.


Only if they killed off CRZ.

(Dovesong) #27



I think they should consolidate and give players who are transferred their original server name as their last name.

(Tewa) #29

Yes they need to merge servers. I’ve been saying this for years.

As for duplicate names, the active account gets the name. If there are multiple active accounts with the same name, give it to the person who’s had the name the longest.


Yea original server name as a last name if there are double ups.


Give us spaces and multiple-word names like in every other current MMO in existence.

Done, fixed, when’s lunch?


Not a chance.

In the end we all know where this conversation goes. It’s the people who hate LFR, hate cross realm, hate phasing/sharding, etc. who want retail consolidation because it fixes an issue they have with the game. It does not fix any issue I have with the game and in fact leads to more problems, the least of which is screwing people out of names they have. So if you want Classic community go play Classic, I’m not interested.

(Swervenprot) #33

You could always use Alt codes


What are these extra problems are that it would lead to for you?

(Jerauld) #35

Use the same system Diablo 3 uses, you’re referred to your chosen name and your characters can be whatever you want!

(Motors) #36

They don’t have to be if Blizzard would come up with a functional last name system or something like SwTOR, not really sure WHY they haven’t done this after all these years but we get half baked systems like garrisons as player “housing”.

But to answer your absolute question, yes i think they should consolidate servers personally. Some of the servers economies are in shambles due to lack of a playerbase and it has been that way for quite awhile regardless of how it is now since Classic.


It’s really not complicated. Merging servers doesn’t inherently change anything (aside from introducing problems with names) aside from very, very niche things. Specifically Mythic raids and guilds being restricted to connected realms. Which means that the point behind server merges is something else. And since the popular tryhard arguments being promoted nowadays is about how the community in classic is awesome and the game is trash because of LFR and casuals ruining it, that’s the only avenue down which I can think such a line of changes goes. It’s just the first step in a long list of changes that they want that brings with it a bunch of terrible things that would ruin the game imo. And considering that some of those elitist tryhards are here in this thread promoting the idea my response is no thanks.

(Darthvixen) #38

they could do like the battle tag names, i chose a fancy name but it has a # and four digits foisted to the end


You’re … really reaching a little bit here, with the whole ‘everyone who wants a merge is a Classic tryhard!’

Personally I’d just like to see realms abolished entirely in Retail. They’re fairly pointless, and every time I come across a player from another realm and can’t trade with them or anything, it engenders nothing but frustration.

Nothing to do with this ridiculous nonsense about creating a new, Classic-style community - I just want more options with the players I can already play with!

(Illidette) #40

I’m gonna say no if things remained as they are currently. Scellerata, Trixxia, I’ve had those names for over a decade. Hell, I was the first Scellerata to ever exist on the armory. I was the first Toots. The first Risovino. I spend a lot of time thinking of names, looking up synonyms, mythology, scientific terms, translators, etc… I lost Celeste when I moved from Dalaran to Hyjal and that damn near killed me. It still eats at me that I had to resort to using an accent to get a semblance of that name back.

Now, the only way I’d support potentially losing my names is if WoW was given the Guild Wars/Guild Wars 2 treatment and required us to have first and last names for our characters. That would open up a TON of options and then suddenly it wouldn’t matter if we had two Bob’s or thirty due to all the possibilities for last names.