Would Remix Characters Have DF Skills Or MoP Ones?

Would the Remix use the modern retail skills or would it be a total revert to the way classes played in MoP?

I am neutral about it either way, just curious.

I believe it’s all modern classes.

Based on the info we have, we are most likely using retail talents. I.e. the level cap, and the stats on the cloak

Specifically, level cap in MoP was 90 so that doesn’t line up with the event and the cloak has leech & versitility on it which were added in WoD

That would make the most sense imo. Otherwise research would get in the way of sheer pandamonium. :wink:

It’s a Season of Discovery ability system. So you’ll be able to use all kinds of abilities, including brand new ones. There’s several new tinker-style abilities, I’m 100% making a goblin for this and going full tinker

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It will be all modern classes


Retail classes. Presumably including Demon Hunter and Evoker.

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