Would love some dates for Fresh Server Launch, and Wrath launch

The majority doesn’t care, which is the point. Not that every single person doesn’t care.

It’s sad I have to explain this to you.

Prove it then.

It’s easy. Just ask around man.

You mean like asking my guild, many of whom are fine waiting for a while longer so we can get more SWP clears and also prep for the gold needed?

No I mean ask other people that you don’t normally talk to. You probably only talk to people who agree with you so it is a bad sample.

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Considering that the Joyous Journeys event is a Summer event, Wrath Classic will launch when it’s over, and we’ll have at least 2 weeks of pre-patch, that seems like a pretty good prediction.

You’re the one claiming that, “no one cares” if P5 is rushed. I’ve said that in my experience, that just isn’t true at all.

Big difference between classic end phase and tbc end phase though. End of Classic, raid had many boss’s. Gear from that raid, remained amazing until first raid of new expansion.

TBC End raid, is six boss’s, is a fast clear, and none of the gear lasts even to max level. Maybe one piece for a couple of classes has something comparable in sunwell that they could get from a heroic in wrath. There isn’t a point to continue running sunwell with how much better the gear from reg/heroic dungeons are in wrath. For example, my character, can still use the chest from sunwell. That’s it. And there is another chest that is comparable to it out of rep with ebonblade.

Just ask around if you want to know. It isn’t hard.

A number of Sunwell pieces are still very strong up until the very best pre-raid BiS, though some pieces are still pre-raid BiS too. I believe Warlocks? P1 BiS may be the Calamity pants from Brutallus - they’re testing it.

It’s a fast clear if your raid is really good. As evidenced by the amount of multi-raid nights required by some guilds still, and many guilds still not fully clearing it, it’s a bit of a different experience.

We’re in a lucky position we can clear it in one raid night, but still.

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Blizzard isn’t basing their release of Wrath on if your friends have BIS or not. Nice try though.

Everyone’s employers are different.

Also, I’d be surprised if Wrath drops after August. I’m expecting a pre-patch in July.

With Dragonflight having a release date in Q4 this year, I am pretty sure that Wrath will release sometime during Q3. No way they have both releases in the same quarter.

I think that Joyous will start shortly after the Midsummer event ends. I say this because I don’t imagine that they want two events going on at the same time that provides an xp bonus.

Not to mention, if they wait, they won’t have people getting the achievements for a long strange trip, so to get that 310% mount, you need to stay subbed for another year :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is to hoping that it’s not one of those things like og wrath launch where we had something like 2 or 3 days to hit 80 and finish the hallows end achievement >.<

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September 20th

Likely prepatch is either Aug 9 with the mergers, or a week or two after.

I’d bet on wrath sometime in september if they play DF this year.


I wanna say LK is August/Sept myself.
They gotta make room for DF release, too, which they
already said it’s coming out this year.

This. The retail expansion has been announced for winter holiday season.

They said there would be some time for “breathing room” between the launch of Wrath classic and the launch of Dragonflight. Wrath will be out in August or September. It’ll be sooner than most think.

pretty sure based on how great they’ve communicated all the phase and raid launches for TBC, we’ll wake up on a Tuesday morning one week with the “prepatch now live” popup with no prior warning


They announced TBC prepatch May 6 for May 18th, so i expect around 2 weeks again.