Would a Night Elf Warrior be viable if


I stacked agility?

Every source I’ve seen puts Night Elves Warriors at the bottom of the list for how viable they are in both PvP and PvE, since the other races have better racials.

I was just thinking though, since Night Elves have a higher base agility, maybe I could play to that strength rather than just being a worse version of another race.

Do you guys think that would work? Making a warrior have really good dodge and critical strike chance in lieu of strength?


Night Elf already is viable. Min-maxxers will min-max, but you should play what you enjoy. As to stats, you already get 1% dodge, which is nice for tanking, and DPS warriors need agility for crit anyways. Believe me, in PvE, you will hardly notice a difference.


Im sure Ill be corrected but I think you build rage when you block and take damage but not for dodging?


Yeah going invisible isn’t useful at all in PvP


I think the difference in “base stats” only amounts to a few points.

According to this table by Taladril, a level 60 human warrior has 120 Strength and 80 Agility, while a Nelf has 117 Strength and 85 Agility.

I think the stronger argument for human vs nelf warrior choice is the weapon skill increase.


Hmm, that’s a useful chart right there. Thank you sir.


There really isn’t an advantage you can exploit as an NE. Its just 1% dodge, and that is it, because if you had another race with the same gear stacking dodge, then you would only have a 1% extra. Then Shadowmeld for some bg situations when camping nodes or eating without being disturbed, but to be honest the warrior class doesn’t really take much advantage from it (unlike a Hunter).

NE warriors are fine if you enjoy playing that. The other races are a much better combination for warrior. Humans provide you with the amazing weapon racials which give you the advantage of to both stack less amount of hit% and increase your damage, useful for both tanking or dps. Then gnomes and dwarves have great racial for PvP, with gnome being particularly useful against the warrior’s biggest weakness.

But to answer your main question: every race is viable. You are just giving up a few tools in comparison with the other races (tools that once you hit 60 you will probably want).


For pve it legitimately doesn’t matter one iota. It’s all tuned such that your race doesn’t matter. PVP, for Alliance you should have been Gnome and for Horde you should have been Orc.

But nelf is fine too since youll spend a lot of time corpse running back anyway and nelf is faster at that.


Best be some sarcasm. It’s awesome while leveling. Great for node defending. Anyone who thinks Shadowmeld is completely worthless is clueless about how to use it properly.

Human racials aren’t the end all be all as are any other racials. Anyone telling you otherwise is either a min/maxer to the extreme and doesn’t care about your enjoyment of the game or utterly clueless. And with many pvp servers having roam packs of Horde who actually expects to get away as a warrior.


Its like +5 agility or something. It doesn’t matter
Weapon skills however do matter because for pvp it means you can sacrifice hit to gain more crit.


Thruout my time in game, the one thing I’ve been saying is “i miss my nelf warrior”. My warrior in Vanilla was a nelf & i decided to roll a different race this time. (I’ve rolled other race warriors too but spent alot of time in Classic on a differnt race & remembering now) Honestly, not as fun imo. I never stacked agil because you didn’t need to. They have the highest base agil ally side, and extremely fun to play & quick!


This is classic no one’s going to care what race the tank rolls. Unless you are doing mix max world record speed runs it doesn’t matter even then you wouldn’t be asking us if you did.


<3 Female NE Warrior


:joy: This guy knows


Completely agree with Mr. Mustard here. Play what you want to play, all warrior races are viable.


BroOoO you’re almost 60! Hope you can taste it.


Im a gnome warrior, so yea. Just make sure to get the edge master gloves. Being a human makes things so much easier though,


The difference between best and worst isn’t a huge one, just play what you want.


There’s nothing special about them, but it’s not like you can’t clear all content with any race.

Night Elves can theoretically stack gear and reach a slightly higher pure avoidance value, but in general warriors can stack block gear instead and virtually become passively uncrushable. I just like the Night Elf aesthetic, but I went with human, since I min/max, and was also a human in Vanilla.


The difference between each race, specially for Warriors, is completely marginal. The only difference between a Human Warrior and a Night Elf one is that if you ever wanted to make a min-maxed build, you will want to buy Edgemaster Handguards.

Otherwise if you tank you want to focus on plate gear so you wont have much leeway in the stats choices.