Would a Night Elf Warrior be viable if


How a nelf is worst than a gnome for pve?


Do people not know night elf’s can charge in combat?


“Would a night elf warrior be viable if-“

No. No it would not.


Racials in classic are pretty important and can have a noticeable impact on the PvP side of things and even some impact on PvE (largely weapon skill racials).

Buuuuuuut there isn’t a single race you can play that you can’t be successful on.


just tell swifty he is non viable and needs to reroll orc


Not with that haircut.


put on edgemasters and you’re just as good as any non human warrior. the reason people dont play nelf warrior is they have trash racials in both pve and pvp for warrior. i guess the dodge gets semi- relevant in tbc when tanks actually start taking dmg but thats about it


Eh his chance to hit will be as good but that’s a gear slot which is being wasted. A human warr has the advantage of getting extra stats from that slot, it’s not trivial

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Racials account for less than 1% effectiveness in PvE and PvP. It’s not that big of a deal. Play what you want.


Nelf is BiS for AQ Period.


Theres a difference between viable and optimal.

Please learn the difference.


The difference is there’s nothing viable or optimal about night elf warriors.


Thanks for strengthening my point, you really don’t know the meanings of the words.


They aren’t? They are worse than a gnome for pvp. Since PVP is more difficult than PVE, it makes more sense to pick your character based on PVP.


Only the seriously OCD min-max types need worry about things like this. Me, I just like the female Night Elf combat, running, jumping, etc. animations & general aesthetics better. I like the Human sword/mace +skill racial perk (my Paladin enjoys it), but I also like the extra dodge as a more defensive Night Elf weapon & shield Warrior type. So, go with what you can stand looking at day after day. :wink:

Plus, being able to regen health while in stealth is pretty sweet while soloing/questing.


The main thing you need to worry about when running a night elf warrior is keeping some type of recording going at all times so you can document that time you did 37 flips in a row.


Yeah, I mained a NE Warrior in Vanilla, and I’d often just sit at Frostwolf GY in Shadowmeld waiting for someone to try to sneakily cap and charge at the last second. Mirth ensued.


Yeah I was just stating that they aren’t the worst in pve, just the 3er option. For pvp sure are the bottom of the barrel, but not that far from humans, you can even make a argument (I wont) that they are better than human for pvp.


Nope. Dwarf.


Rolling human is a pretty big advantage in PvE. Free 3% hit against level 63 bosses means you free up your glove spot from requiring edgemasters.