WOTLK without RDF isn't WOTLK

They are not that different, not like they doing to wrath.

How different they are doesn’t matter. The fact that they are different at all makes them different games.

Play the word games all you want, they are completely changing the wrath experience and a lot of people don’t like it. They should get the same chance to enjoy the game they loved…like vanilla people did.

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why would I go back to vanilla LOL? wat.

Basically the same thing you told me. If you don’t like rdf, are you going back to vanilla?

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What I was communicating is that I think you just troll. In fact almost everyone here thinks you come here just to troll, not just those who want the rdf. No matter what the issue people have been communicating to you that they think you’re just a troll. All these people have been communicating that to you perfectly clearly. It seems to me that for some reason you’re the one who doesn’t know what they are communicating. Here’s a couple examples from non rdf threads of people communicating to you very very clearly that they think you’re a troll. I mean, it’s so clear I don’t get how you can miss what they are communicating. I just put “bloomsday troll” in the search engine and got hundreds of results.

deathsbounty posted, “Bloomsday has a very storied history of trolling the arena forums on the retail threads. So much so that he is mostly blocked by a large portion of the community.”

Thundercatz posted, “He is trolling. Bloomsday apparently does it all the time in retail arena forums. Nothing he says is to be believed at face value, and is likely just instigating.”

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I think you read that wrong LOL.

Again, we’re talking about previous posts. You’re still lost? Even though I already explained this to you?

Almost everyone you say? Do you have a citation or is this yet another thing you’re making up because you can’t address any of my actual points again?

No, I know exactly what they’re communicating. People only call me a troll after I destroy their arguments, prove them wrong, or make them look foolish. Thus, the only reason they do it is as a last resort of maintaining whatever dignity they have left. Kinda like what you’re doing now.

People capable of critical thought see me for what I am though. A person that listens to logic, fact, reason, and data. Not whatever opinions, feelings, conspriacies, or false narratives you attempt to spew.

And that’s why Blizzard listens to me and sees that I’m not a troll, despite how hard your ilk likes to claim I am.

Point proven, you’re referencing people that are disgruntled after I’ve proved them wrong.

Now, do you have an actual rebuttal that has to do with the topic at hand and the points I’ve made about said topic or are you going to continue the character assignation route, which is a fallacious low-grade argument that has yet to convince anyone in the checks notes last 6 MONTHS of this discussion?

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No rdf for you :slight_smile: back to dragonflight you go.

You said, "then leave it until half the expansion :smiley: ".

Exactly what was read wrong?

that it came out halfway through. If they do plan on adding it they could simply add it halfway through.

So you were not referring anyone to leave until half the expansion? lol

Because, that happens a lot on here.

Another one just a few post above…lol.

no…I simply stated that RFD came out with ICC patch and if they do release it it would make sense it comes out the same time… which is alot of the way through the expansion.

i agree. i think it was smartish to not start with it in wrath. i think it helps more people quest and experience the world. Now though on my alt finding a group just to finish quest is a pain or doesn’t happen. They really should add it in for normal dungeons.

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Sure, previous posts where I told you that I see you trolling. And a long list of previous posts from other threads where other people called you out for trolling. Almost everyone can see that you’re just trolling. What about that communication aren’t you getting? I mean, it’s so easy to understand.

Look, I get that you’re a self centered narcissist that will say anything to protect your ego. You don’t need to post anymore of this laughable bs to prove that.

Blizzard doesn’t listen to you and has no opinion on whether you’re a troll or not. They don’t even know you exist. This is just more of your narcissism.

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No, previous posts where you’ve said things I rightly called you out for saying, but you don’t know what you’re communicating so you think it’s stuff you’ve never said. The fact that you still don’t know what I’m referencing after I clarified it for you 3 times now shows me you don’t know how to read, keep up with conversations, or communicate.

Asked and answered. The only posts you’ve linked are from people equally as disgruntled as yourself, that too have had their arguments picked apart and discarded by me.

Citation needed. So far, it’s just you and others that are mad that I disagree with them and prove them wrong.

It’s the truth. You’re doing it now. It’s how it always goes. That’s why you only resort to this type of argument when I’ve destroyed your other ones. You have nothing left so your last resort is to call me a troll or a liar. Do you think people don’t see directly through that?

They do. That’s why RDF isn’t in the game. You’re the one they don’t listen to.

So do you have any arguments that don’t involve my character?

Rfg is needed to do low level dungeons on alts. The game is moving much faster now then it did 15 years ago so players will be raid logging much sooner than they did in original wrath. If rdf is in the game they’ll play alts. If not they’ll just raid log and do other things. I agree that rdf wasn’t needed in the prepatch or the first month of wrath with so many people rushing their 70’s to 80 but people are already moving to alts. With everything happening so fast rdf needs to be added sooner too.


Blizz has made the choice on this so no point arguing and turning blue in the face. The most you can do now as ask for it to come out when it did in wrath with the ICC patch. We shouldnt be changing classic to fit current needs as the point was the play an old broken version. “you think you do but you dont” rings true here as it was broken, unbalanced and still trying to go from the classic mmo’s of the early 2000s to what it is now. I say take all the silly changes out as the point of something old is to have that old thing.