[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

You’re the first council post I have seen on this subject, so thanks for asking. I do apologise for the incoming novel.
In order asked,

  1. Upset, bewildered, and most of all disappointed.

  2. Players who don’t have the luxury of as much free time as they once did, myself included, can experience dungeons and farm gear and just enjoy the game. I played when I was just a teenager and had hours to pour into the game. I used dungeon finder and met my share of unhelpful and rude players, but also met many more helpful and excited players enjoying the dungeons and showing little spots where chests would spawn, rare mobs and give details on tidbits of lore of areas that I did not know. In Wrath content it made leveling and farming tokens and greens for enchanting a much easier task and I met my old guild on a very lucky encounter. This led to me spending nights running dungeons to gear people’s alts and preparing for raids without being slowed or all together prevented from doing so if someone else had a family event, work or any other real life event.

  3. While I myself did not deal with it as much during Wrath, I did run into my share of absolute dungeon ruining jerks who would ninja loot, pull trash or que as a tank while being a dps spec, resulting in several wipes. In these occurrences the player would either be kicked or would drop and would likely never be seen or heard from again. I have heard issues mentioned of the world feeling empty due to the telepoeting feature, but never felt it to be an issue as the alternative would have been flying to the dungeon while alt tabbed.

  4. I feel that no changes to the dungeon finder would be the best solution. The reason for this I feel simple. If they removed the ability to teleport to the dungeon, it simply adds time to the process and makes the point of time availability moot. If they remove the cross realm feature, it prevents the low population servers, the ones arguably the most in need of LFD, from being able to form groups in a reliable manner. If they isolate it to old content and release it in waves, say be able to only do Classic and BC dungeons during first patch and allow WoTLK dungeons in second patch, etc. It simply gates off content that players want to play, a pointless effort. I feel the product that they released was the best middleground for all players. No time wasted simply flying from Dalaran to Argent tournament or to Colderra, no being left out to dry because your server population dwindled, no preventing access to content because drip feeding the content keeps players longer. I could see making changes to loot rules, I.E. a hunter not taking a shield. The only other alternative I can see, is creating a non LFD realm, allow transfers of characters, guilds, etc and essentially fencing it off (or vice versa for servers with LFD). This is a dubious idea and has an entire host of issues with it, but is the best alternative I can see so that the players who do not want LFD are also not left out in the cold and forced to deal with changes they do not want. If anyone can come up with better alternatives that don’t stomp on a section of the player base I would happily support it however.

In summary, LFD was a wonderful addition to the game and removing it serves little purpose. It had flaws, but with the sheer diversity of players I feel the old version was and still is the best option. People will still in all likelihood still deal with people griefing, trash pulling and being absolute jerks. Still, those without as much free time win, those on small realms win, those who want to jump back into the old game win. I fear those who lose are the ones who dislike the effect that LFD had on the game and its community, which is itself a valid argument, but it does not mean we simply remove a feature. While I may be incorrect, it appears that the various polls show a majority of players want the old LFD, while a minority want it fully removed. These were sadly polls on the forums as Blizzard did not put out an official poll (to my knowledge) and seemed more focused on a select minority. Again, I apologize for the novel and hope that Blizzard will change their decision and release LFD so that I, one of the players without as much free time who wants to jump right into the game, can enjoy the old game that I lost hours of sleep on.


people have been saying everything was broken since beta but the all mighty wow devs that cant do anything wrong double down on it. game goes down hill, player base leaves and now in the last patch the devs come with this BS that they will listen and its all fixed begging to the players to come back. THEY HAD THIS INFO SINCE BETA

Are you referring to private servers, because Classic launched not quite 3 years ago.

That we have two orange(I guess) text posters suddenly super interested in the classic forum and this topic is an indication blizzard is interested.

What’s more of a question is what feedback are they actually funneling back to blizzard. Are they hiding or misrepresenting the general want for LFD?

Blizzard really hasn’t done themselves much favor in the trust department(and that’s not in regards to the orange posters in this thread).

Just unfortunate they’re both anti-lfd. Wish there was someone who appreciates authenticity on the community council.

I mean, one of them said he trusts the developers. If that’s what it takes to get on the community council…


You can view the summary of the discussion Mispeled has posted over on the WCC forum

So none really after this thread was posted and that’s assuming that is your only feedback to blizzard. There is nothing on there representing the general feedback on this thread.

Maybe Mispeled who posted this thread and can post in the other thread will provide a different perspective? Even though that is not what blizzard wants to hear.

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I’m not saying that’s not true but what I am saying is Legion was good As I said if they had gotten rid of Titan/ War foging And put the legendary vendor in at the start.

Legion what I’ve been perfect As I said shot a lens and BFA were both garbage fires and yes you’re right The whole borrowed power thing was bad but it wasn’t bad in legion the issue was.

There was no way to target the legendaries you needed That’s why I’m saying at the beginning If they had put in the vendor from the start it would have been fine.

  1. How do you feel about Dungeon Finder not being added to WotLK Classic?
    Feel like its a big mistake its one of the main features in wotlk i was looking forward too

  2. What do you think are the positives of having Dungeon Finder?
    The ability to level alts and hop in dungeons without having to put together a group nobody ever wants to start a group and this helps solve that and lower pop realms can play like they aren’t on a dead server

  3. What do you think are the negatives of having Dungeon Finder?

  4. Do you think an hybrid solution could be implemented, whether it be a partial Dungeon Finder or a different solution altogether, and what could that solution be, if you can think of any?
    Make it only que you up with people from the server your on but still have the dungeon finder to make grouping easier at all levels
    If they are worried about people leaving and lack of interaction due to cross server dont make it cross server its not hard removing it is just dumb whoever came up with that idea should be fired for real listen to your community


Well, I can’t possibly post everyone’s opinion/feedback in a single post and Blizzard wouldn’t be interested in reading through thousands of posts. I tried to keep it a concise as possible while covering what people have been saying overall, on both side of the fence.

Is there something in the post you disagree with?


You have not provided any feedback based on what has been said in this post, nor have you said anything in the referenced before or after you posted this thread.

So post something there.

You asked for information, why have you not posted the feedback you have gotten there? Specfically this thread Wrath Classic Announcement

I’m confused about what you’re saying here.

You want me to post something on the Wrath Classic Announcement thread?
I specifically posted in my community council post that I wanted to start another thread to focus on the LFD topic rather than the WotLK announcement as a whole.

Definitely my bad, I assumed the other orange poster had the most recent post :frowning:

By * Boosting epidemic did you mean access to low level dungeons?

Which ties in with * 58 (70) boost and the lack of social interaction for lower level content

Boosting epidemic as in the boosting services mages offer to power level people.

It ties in with the lack of social interaction for lower level content but I think it’s a contentious enough topic on its own to warrant its own bullet point.

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Ah fair enough,

I didn’t mean to attack you, what the orange text means is kind of unclear and i conflated you with another poster unfairly.

And I completely agree with your conclusion,

There needs to be something done regarding these issues that makes leveling, doing dungeons and playing the game as a whole an underwhelming experience.

I won’t say LFD is the best solution but is a proven working solution.


I know a lot of the issues with Dungeon Finder centered around cross real matching and the lack of accountability that comes with that detachment and annonimity

Can we just have LFD restricted to single servers?

I know people talk about the “sense of community”, but that wasnt perfect either with ilevel gatekeeping, etc

Of course we could. But they won’t.

I feel just fine about it. In fact, I prefer that Blizzard does not implement RDF. I will explain why later below.

This is a one-button feature. It would depend on the role you play. Again, I will expand on this later below.

In my opinion, the negatives far outweigh the positives. See below for more detail.

Detailed explanation:

In my opinion, RDF was an idea that was implemented but at a cost. At first it seemed like a good idea but then something happened. I am not going to lie. It was neat being put in a group with other people from other servers but then instead of a name, instead of a character, you became nothing. Instead of a community of people who you leveled with, who you ran dungeons with, who you talked to, interacted with, who you role played with and talked with were quickly dashed away. You became a random stranger and no one cared about anyone except themselves. And if you disagreed? You got kicked. In other words this was a feature where Blizzard alienated its customers.

The only positive that I can come up with for RDF is that it was something that players could easily and quickly access with the stroke of one button.

The negatives? Well. In addition to what I mentioned in the first paragraph, if you played the role of a Tank, your wait in the queue was extremely, very short. Which in turn meant you could run more dungeons. Which also in turn meant that you could earn more badges which you could turn in for gear or other items. ie: It rained all kinds of success if you played a tank. You could make tons of gold, obtain gear, heirlooms, rep tokens, all kinds of stuff.

If you played a healer? Your wait in the queue was, in my experience not nearly as short as the tank but it was still efficient enough.

If you played as a DPS? :rofl: :rofl: Good luck! Your wait in the queue was extremely very long. I hope you like sitting there doing nothing. You keep mousing over the dungeon finder eye hoping to see that a tank or heals has filled its spot. Nope. Darn. 30 minutes pass by. 45 minutes pass by. 60 minutes pass by. You let out a sigh and decide to rethink if RDF was really such a good idea…and then you wonder “Why didn’t I just roll a tank when they have short queue times but I don’t want to tank. I want to DPS. But I have to wait. Nope.” Then you log off.


If it aint built to last it will crumble over time.

Retail is a perfect example of this.

Unnecessary added convenience isn’t made of the correct material to keep it together.

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Why do we have it in PvP then?
We’ve had cross realm pvp sicne Vanilla classic.
In TBCC we even got 100% custom merc mode.

Why is it allowed for PvP and not for simple dungeons?

And not best geared off meta specs have a chance to play the game, unlike today. Some players have to spend hours to find a group or form their own. But not everyone actually likes doing so. Same way not everyone lieks running dungeons, or raiding, or PvPing or farming mounts.

RDF does not stop people from forming their own groups, sticking with friends.
Nothing is preventing you from doing so if this is how you want to play it.