[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

See this is where the group finder diverges from LFD. If the community doesnt start making stupid requirements for dungeons and heroics that dont have any…things will go fine. I’m not incredibly hopeful for that as this classic community is full of modern toxicity, but I will allow its possible. Raids are a slightly differnt issue, until it becomes:

For raids, I dont care if people set their own stupid requirements, but the LFD allowed more players to particpate in basic content.

None of this will impact me, but I see a lot of sad dps.

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Like I said I feel like the inclusion of Ilvl will lead to filter which is bad for everyone involved. Don’t include it and people will take whoever communicates to a heroic or normal, and check logs for raids which is much healthier and leads you to taking good parsing previous teir people over current tier green parsed gdkp mules.

We can both agree that taking appropriately geared previous teir people and leaving bad gdkp mules is a win for everyone

I say this as someone who’s created many many many 2sr pugs on Alts and main for friends

Suuure but hey saying something is stupid must be crying. :wink:

Gatekeepers are going to gatekeep no matter what. And it’ll get even worse as Blizz is adding Mythic+ to Wrath. You thought people min/maxed before?

Altposters will be altposting. Acting as if they know what happens in higher their content with no real idea and unwilling to mainpost

You can think something is stupid without crying about it. Like last summer my neighbor decided he was going to cut down a tree in his front yard while his truck was nearby. Sure enough, it fell on his truck. Pretty dumb, but it didnt really effect me so it wasnt really a big deal for me.

Removing RFD is stupid because it inconveniences other people without offering anything meaningful in return. I’d like people to enjoy the game, even if the change wont impact me very much.

You, on the other hand, had this to say in the other thread:

You’re whining. You’re crying. Tears streaming down your face. You’re practically sobbing. Your fists? Clenched. Blood pressure? Elevated. Alt levels? Mid-20’s.

I’ll get in dungeons just fine. But there will be no buying boosts for you. Stay mad, boostie :^)

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One of the loudest trolls in these threads posts on an alt, so…

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Whos that?

Of course when you complain it 's “valid criticism” and people on the other side of your narrative do it it is “crying”.

LMAO you looked at my profile and thought it means anything while claim yourself being a tank with your lv 40 priest profile.

Well not like there is any expectation for zoomy zoomer like you.

Well yeah, because you’re whining like a child and my criticism was on behalf of other people.

Why would I look at your profile? I dont care about you.

Keep crying, boostie :^)

On behalf of other? ROFL we got a white knight here. You can’t argue SoM is dead so all you can do is making cheap shoot about “crying”.

Why would I look at your profile?

Got caught red handed and still try to weasel out, what a coward

Alt levels? Mid-20’s.

Yes, caught red-handed trying to look at someone whose profile is set to private. :rofl:

I said ‘Alt levels? Mid-20’s’ because thats what levels your alts will have without your boosting crutch, boostie.

Hop back in that canoe and paddle your way along your river of tears back to retail where you dont have to expend any effort to level, kiddo.

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Private profile? Now you are just rambling about some nonsense. You looked at my lv 18 warrior bank alt and kneejerked that post.

But of course you can’t argue SoM is dead so you will continue to crying about some unrelated topic to run away from the argument.

I didnt read a single word, lmao!

Better look up a leveling guide, boostie. You’re gonna need it :joy:

Is it really though I mean if you’re telling me to check somebody’s logsomebody’s logs for something like naxx 10 Now again they did say they will buffet but we don’t know how hard it’s actually going to be till we get our hands on it.

But I can’t see it being the super hard raid at least If anything maybe it’ll be as hard as Kara It’s pre nurse and that’s really seeing a big if.

And it’s all well and good to say yeah ideally you want to judge someone by their logs and their performance but the reality is that’s not how the player based judges people they’re not patient.

I mean I can even tell you what my logs are I don’t even think I have a log account that doesn’t mean I’m a bad player though.

I don’t know I don’t like this fallacy that you’re judged by a number whether it be by your item level or by logs and parses I just don’t like being judged by that because the reality is there’s always an exception.

Especially when we talk about healers On top of that both of those things can be abused And that’s just the simple truth they were abusable in classic they definitely were abusable in tbc.

So it’s a good bet they’re going to be abusable in wrath too

Zoomer is coping after being destroyed.

Logs and parses are your actual performance.

I can bring up a kill press the replay button and literally watch you perform.

You have to be able to judge players, and performance is the correct choice there’s no “exception”

Healer and tank parses say nothing at all. You have to judge based on gear. Dps tho logs are by far the best tho

A very high parse doesn’t necessarily mean you play exceedingly well. To parse at the highest, certain things are required - generally ignoring mechanics that cause a DPS loss and tunneling buffs/CDs.

What do you mean Healers and tanks do you have parces I know because I’m friends with 3 healers And I’ve looked at parses it’s all the amount of healing you’re doing but depending on the fight you’re not going to parswell.

For example if there’s a fight where you kind of have to wait a little bit before you start pumping or other things where you have to go in-and-out for DPS your parces are going to be overall worse not because you’re damaged your damages lower but because you have less opportunities to hit the boss.

And even on casters you’re going to be limited by Mana well at least until wrath we’ll have to see actually how that works out but still.

There are situations where you can’t just judge by a parse or logs and that’s why I don’t like doing an overall oh if your logs are parses are bad you’re not a good player that’s not how that works.

The question should Always be asked well why did they get a bad part what were they doing during the fight.

And the issue is people don’t have the common sense to do that and nor do they have the patience to do that