[WotLK] Let's talk Dungeon Finder

It’s obvious, we want LFD.

It’s obvious, you’ve decided not to do it and you’d rather develop a half baked solution without giving us what we want.

It is literally another “You think you want to play Classic” moment.


I feel the new tool is fine for content at the forefront but (though the LFD tool is better in most ways), but it doesn’t address any of my major issues with the current system in providing support for people who are behind the curve so to speak.

Without giving access to a cross realm player pool, non-mega servers are going to wither much much faster than the mega servers. As normal dungeons fade out of significance for raid mains there will be very few groups going later in the expansion and leveling groups are still going to remain pretty dead for most of the expansion. This is only going to be MORE amplified in my own region (OCE), as our alliance faction has slightly more than 1/10th the amount of players as say Benediction. Without having access to more players very few of our problems with the CURRENT LFG system will be solved.

It also seems that blizzard have just given up on making leveling interesting and fun by just padding leveling with a significant exp boost. Because the few leveling players are leveling faster, the odds of having players within your level range to do dungeons is going to be even LOWER than before. The lack of this cross realm player pool for leveling players combined with no LFD creates a situation where the only real way to level is to quest again.

I would have LOVED for them to stylize the exp bonus into a particularly weekly event that rotates. For example, you could have Dungeon mobs + quests give 300% one week followed by extra boss drops, then PvP could give 400% more exp and honor, then quests give 300% exp and bonus gold, have a week where a bunch of crafting quests spawn where players can make/gather old world items/materials with proffessions and trade them in for exp as well as increasing the amount of materials you can gather from Azeroth and Outland nodes. There was LOTS of creative ways to implement this bonus AND create some level of engaging gameplay. But just a flat exp modifier seems REALLY lame.

Some good ideas in this post. I will say the boost will be nice during the mass leveling on the fresh servers. For at least a little while, we’ll be playing a fun game.

The volume of posts before the wrath announcement demanding that RDF removed, vs the massive flood of posts after they announced it would be removed.

The difference is black and white and proof positive that more people want RDF than want it removed.


didnt do a good job with the post you made trying to get blizzards attention, stated nearly zero reasoning, behind why LFG should be in the game, and missed so many ball parks. it was like watching a boss guide in a language you dont speak, nor understand. are you brian? it really felt you skimmed through the reason why we want/need RDF and just posted why the minority dont want it. there’s a very clear and overwhelming presences of people wanting RDF, just stay in retail and keep attempting to fix that.

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Considering that they then backflipped on it the moment they got a blue response since:

Absolutely none of this is alleviated by new automation tool, from Retail, designed to throw you into dungeon after dungeon, in a world where players fly over any sort of PVP.

The new tool is no better than RDF, yet potentially far worse.

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Fun fact. The backlash was so severe Blizz deleted the US forum blue post announcing their dungeon tool.

They’re yet again doing damage control on a bad decision amid community backlash.

They’ve deleted at least three posts in the last 24 hours with over 1000 replies.


The removal of the RDF queue ensures that I will do the bare minimum number of heroics possible to get what I need and then just play other games.

I don’t enjoy the group building experience. I never have, and while the new tool to make the process easier is welcome, this should have been done in classic well before wrath, and wrath should have had the random dungeon finder queue, which the devs are on record as wanting in the game far earlier than it actually arrived.


Blizzard have their hands over their eyes and are yelling “MONEY, MONEY , MONEY”.

Its all about selling boosts. That is why they dont listen to 90 percent of thier player base and just include the damn original Wrath LFD system.

Unfortunately they’ve done this before and it works. They’ll keep deleting things they don’t want us talking about. They’ll funnel the discussion into one thread and eventually we’ll just get sick of talking about it when nothing changes.

I hate this company so much. All I want is for another company to make a proper MMO.

Then keep talking about this. Keep dungeon finder on the front page all the way through launch. Show Blizzard we aren’t going to let this go.

They’ll explain it as ‘People were being too mean and rude to Brian and the Classic devs’.

Which there is some credence to, but in typical Blizzard fashion they puff out their chests, dig their heels in, and get even more stubborn in ignoring the wants of the playerbase.

When they buried the CRZ threads they never said a word. They just buried and buried it til we stopped talking about it. Took years, but they won.

I think this is just the start though. When people actually start playing wrath and can’t get groups it’ll pick up. It’ll be too late, but somehow I think thats what they want.

This is actually a very poor argument.

Most simply expected RDF to be there because it was originally.

I didn’t think Blizzard would pull that rip chord, so even though I’m all in favor of RDF being removed, I made not a single post prior to their announcement about the suggestion that it should be come WOTLK-C.

I imagine many others who are pro-removal are just like me. Said nothing prior, but since Blizzard played their hand, now we’re all in.

So demand for removal prior to announcement vs complaints about removal after announcement is a very, very poor indicator of anything resembling a good data set.

I really don’t think this is going to happen for you, and I’m just trying to be honest with you.

Look at this from their latest developer blog:

This is a very strong, firm line in the sand, more firm than even I expected it to be internally for them. It’s very clear that they are going in to this expansion very sensitive to basically anything that inherently affects the potential for in-realm communication, and it can’t be argued that a cross-realm DF that automates the group forming process is in direct contrast to this “value” (their words).

This seems to be a design pillar going in to this version of WOTLK. I’m really starting to believe that this is a pretty fruitless endeavor for you. You do you, of course, but I’ve called almost every step of this.



I can’t wait to make a tank on a fresh wrath server and use the LFG tool all the way to max level! It’s going to be awesome!

The good news is they are looking at breaking boosting.

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I don’t think it’s a “looking at” situation, they flat out are doing that.

The EU thread still exists, and they’re as against it as we are. The majority everywhere simply want LFD. But the stubbornness of Blizz as usual prevails. That worked out so well for Retail.


The EU thread is there, but the US one exploded last night. It was gone a few hours later.

Can’t wait for folks to react to bliz wanting to add dungeon challenges to make them more difficult. At this point it’s not wrath classic anymore. They need to call it Wrath revisioned.