WOTLK doesn't need RDF

Blizzard’s implementation of RDF left something to be desired however, by itself, you are correct - RDF was not a core problem. Its actually blameless. So youre right in one sense but just wrong in the other.

Its how the tool was used. So the problem is the players. When you get something for nothing there’s always a cost paid somewhere and players regarded others more as a means to an end rather than another human being enjoying the game with them.

In classic WoW player style, we just cant have nice things because we cant help but use them to our own detriment. I dont know about you but I dont give a four year olds a book of matches each and tell them to go play in the firework factory.

Not seeing how this is relevant. Have people abused RDF in the past? I’m sure they have. How many millions of more dungeons have been ran through RDF that went perfectly fine with no issues? There’s good and bad to literally anything and everything. In the case of RDF, the good drastically outweighs the bad to the point that the bad isn’t relevant. We’ve also grown as players over the years…trolling is much less likely now that we’re all old AF and know what responsibility is.

how many people abuse chat maybe it should be turned off (hell on my server it might as well be) no chat would cut down on gold sellers advertising think of the game… anything that can be abused will be *granted not sure how all these people had so many bad LFD runs I can count the bad runs on one hand and have fingers left over. (I still think it’s a them thing).

93 is a lot more than any of the pro-LFD posts received in this thread. That’s pretty telling.

You mean the ones hosted by Clickbait youtubers? Yeah, sorry but not everyone buys into celebrity worship culture.

Yes, I did.

LFD was the first straw. Even if it did not directly make people quit, it was the first straw for nearly everybody. Why would we bring back what many consider to be the first straw?

93 people, you mean, plus all the WoW devs that share our position.

There’s been more than 93 posts alone on the lack of RDF and the frustration of players who want it. Try harder.

So…96? Not really helping your position here.

point him to the official blizzard post on LK see if he can count those likes on the post for people disappointed it not being there. (see if he can count that high).

All from the same few people and their alts. How curious.

You think the WoW devs agreeing with us is not helping our position? You realize they make the game, right? That’s why they’re called devs… they develop the game?

I can see why the pro-LFD crowd has failed to convince Blizzard.

I could say the same thing about the anti-LFD side.

This is about as ironic as it gets.

The same guys that ruined retail for years and double downed on their decisions? Thanks for making my point.

So what? Just because youre blind doesnt mean the rest of us are.

The proof youre wrong is the very real fact that no RDF is going to be in Wrath. Thats not a mistake. Someone used the hindsight available to them and made a tough call knowing it wasnt going to be a popular move. That should tell you something but it doesnt because it doesnt align with your interests.

Oh well, plenty of other fish in the sea.

As for the rest of the crap you typed the player default is lowest common denominator. You know where you are right? What time it is? Which is why you can make a mistake by giving a tool meant for friendly and social crowd to enjoy content together and have it instead be used to take advantage of others because there are no real consequences for doing just that.

Which is exactly what happened, hence its removal here. The players havent changed in case you havent noticed. Youre literal proof of that.

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You keep saying this like we asked for it.

It was honestly horde players of a similar mindset to you that probably begged for it.


Yes – I do find it ironic. And a bit amusing.

Yes, the guy that made mistakes for retail who is now rectifying those same mistakes, because he knows better than you do. It’s a good thing he’s removing LFD and steering away from the same path retail took, isn’t it?

If you think I made your point, read above. Was that your point? If so, I welcome you to the anti-LFD side.

…you aren’t serious, are you? Blizzard has no hindsight. See: Retail. Its also very obvious that the removal of RDF is the least popular move that blizzard has made in classic thus far.

I honestly thought you were a little more intelligent than the other 2…now I’m just as wrong as the Blizzard devs.

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People always say this about their one little individual gripe with the game’s direction. Seldom, is it true.

This is the safest bet.

As an alternative to LFG chat spam, I actually might. At the very least it is a clear improvement over what we have in TBCC right now.

The amount of butt-kissing that goes on here is astounding considering by and large these are still the same developers responsible for retail.

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Seems to be the most common topic in the official LK announcement thread.

Is 350 more than 96? I refuse to do math when I’m not being paid.

Those are some serious ratios. Highest 350 likes on a pro LFD comment vs highest 28 likes on anti-LFD comment. Lots of other 100+ likes on Pro-LFD comments.

Imagine if that thread was constantly bumped to the front like this one is.


Might be to old bloom, he said subs went down in wrath and some how posted a chart where the bars were lower at the start and higher at the end of LK… Math may not be his strong point. *(best part it kept saying the wrong Quarter for when LFD was release saying it was the cause for the one dip it had, but it was up for that Q it was released).

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This one gets bumped by the ego-maniac that posted it. Anything for attention.

Nothing is his strong point, unless being incorrect would be considered a strong point.