WOTLK classic dungeon finder - dungeons missing in level range

You have fixed part of the problem, but there’s still more work to do. First of all, if a group of 5 queues for a random dungeon you still have to wait 2-5 minutes for the dungeon to pop. There’s no reason for this when every role has been selected.

My second point is more of a pet peeve, but I see no reason why I shouldn’t address it regardless.

Secondly, satchel loot RNG is beyond unhelpful. I levelled through an entire satchel gearing bracket without ever getting the caster rolls I wanted from a satchel. Its ridiculous that I can get 11 rolls “of the soldier” in a row on a caster without ever seeing a single “of the sorcerer” piece. There should be some sort of weight given to stats that the class can actually use.


Thank you those who got banned trying to prove Blizzard they were wrong.
The sacrifices were made & it helped but there’s still a few issue that needs to be solved.

  1. Flags in RDF. - People aren’t getting certain heals because of the flag bug. The flag does drop some time within the dungeon but it’s still annoying to kinda deal with for people.
  2. Remove the key requirements for BRD. Like 1 out 20 times someone has the key.

And if anyone reads this and is doing BRD without a key:

You can still do a good portion of the dungeon without a key, you just need to go the long way.

So please, stop leaving the damn dungeon every time. Same with Strat since one dude was triggered and left and all we had to do was turn the other way lol.

This is still broken. I can’t see Sunken Temple. The level range was previously listed as 50-60. The final boss is level 55, so something is not right with the hotfix.

Edit, i was on my druid, level 55.

Outland level ranges for some dungeons seem wrong. While I haven’t been able to check all of them, some of them seem to be only showing up 2 levels under the final boss. It seems like they’ve all been set to whatever level the dungeon’s loot is, which is annoying when most people used to do these earlier than when they could use the loot.

There’s a minor issue in the early levels where the range allows people to get into ragefire chasm and deadmines (not sure about others) when the dungeon has gray mobs at the start.

I got into an RFC at 15 that had a 21 tank who said the enemies were gray and instantly left.

I think whatever few dungeons this is happening in should have their range slightly adjusted so the mobs at the start are at least green.

Or you could use scaling to make them relevant for a wider range of players, but I expect a certain group of classic players would probably be mad if you did that.

edit: when I got to 21 RFC wasn’t in the list, so it’s possible they already fixed this OR the tank that got in was lower level when he queued and maybe leveled while in queue? Not sure if it updates as you level.

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I’ve been questing and queuing my healer(Louradin, 79, Westfall, today, Utgarde Keep) for the past few days, 71-79 and today got dropped into an UK with 4 others in the 71-73 range and I’m at 79.

They started talking about getting 400 exp and what not while I was getting 1200 per mob. They, and I, figure it’s because the anti-boosting stuff put in to keep that from happening. I get why that was put in and if this is why their exp was low then it should be fixed.

They, lower level people, shouldn’t be punished because a higher level is automagically put in a RDF group. If blizzo wants to keep the anti-boosting in place then don’t have it in RDF queues where non-grouped people are randomly joining.

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you were getting exp from the mobs at 79? UK mobs are level 70, that’s gray to a 79, but that’s even more annoying that the low levels are getting gipped too. I’ve been getting UK and Nexus over and over and over and I’m at lvl 79 too now. even minus the exp grievances it’s annoying haveing the same dungeon over and over when it could be giving me UP, CoS, Hol, Hos, etc

but no cap huh. so you can still get plopped into UK at 79 when they’re all gray barring the 72 bosses :frowning:

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Yep, checked it when they were talking about it because I was curious.

My 60 still cannot queue for Blood Furnace even though Keli’dan is 63, and anti-boosting mechanics should not be applying when doing dungeons through RDF. The xp penalty is insane.


Zhynkä on Remulos, level 16, time and date is now, I’m not in a party, and I only have RFC in Dungeon Finder

RFC is the only dungeon available at 16 and 17 with the new level ranges. Nothing wrong there.

What is wrong is a level 20 being put in it, making lvl 13 mobs (a rarity, though) give no xp, but then they hit 21 partway through and basically killed xp for the rest of the run.

Please remove the anti-boosting changes. They’re doing more harm than good to RDF.


Bumping, this is still happening.

I think the most relevant question here is why your colleagues (again) thought they needed to come up with a poor solution to a problem nobody cares about and in the process end up breaking things?

I’m pretty sure right now there are quests you can get for Shadowfang Keep and Gnomeregan which will still be yellow by the time the dungeons disappear from the queue. It’s probably like this all the way to 80.

This reminds of the time a few years ago when the developers didn’t like the way the LFG tool was being used by players and slapped a completely arbitrary level 50+ restriction on to it.

A lot of sub-50 players used the LFG tool to join groups to complete daily content like The Originals during the anniversary event but after the change, any player not on one of the main super servers got screwed. It’s like the favorite developer pastime.

My 60 still cannot queue for Blood Furnace. (Keli’dan is 63)

Also, the anti-boosting mechanics are still killing xp in low level dungeons. One of my toons, level 24, got into Wailing Caverns, and dinged 25 a minute in (You can also still get WC at 25), and caused my group to get significantly reduced xp from the lvl 18 mobs in the instance. Please remove or adjust the xp reduction caused by the anti-boosting changes.

Still can’t.