WOTLK classic dungeon finder - dungeons missing in level range

my 16 shaman can still only see rfc, arugal server

edit 25 mage can see DM to gnomer

check when you hit 17, WC and DM seem to be 17-25 now

At 39 and 40 I had SM: Lib, RFD, SM: Arm, SM: Cath and Ulda.

This seems consistent with the old article list, except for one higher end dungeon, Mara Purple is listed as 39-49.

My guess is the hotfix makes green and yellow dungeons available but not orange (or maybe that would be red?).

I’m guessing red. Deadmines is listed as 15-25 on that old article, but lets be honest, I think a full group of 15s would struggle with Deadmines.

Probably, unless they were all in enchanted heirlooms. Hit would probably be an issue in the ship area.

Yes, we’ve deployed hotfixes to address a lot of what was happening here.

The ranges are based on the level of the last boss in each dungeon. Now, all classic dungeons should allow a range of roughly 8 levels: from 3 levels below the level of the final boss to 5 levels above. Burning Crusade dungeons should now allow a range of 3 levels below the end boss to 3 or 4 levels above it, and Wrath dungeons allow a range that starts at 3 levels below the end boss.


I think 16 would be ok for DM tbh.

my 58 DK cant queue for ramparts

Keli’dan the Breaker is level 63 and lvl 60s can’t queue for Blood Furnace.

Lvl 60s also can’t queue for Random Classic Dungeons, despite those making up most of the dungeons available to them. (Same applies to 68-70 toons, dunno if 58/59 can queue for random Classic)

Omor and Vazruden are level 62, so thats why, according to these ranges, Ramparts should be available at 59, the same level the quests are available.


Assuming tooltips are correct, Utgarde says 68 minimum (Ingvar is 72). But this is fine, because the dungeon quests also require 68. However, for Nexus, Keristraza is 73, RDF says 70 minimum, but the quests can be picked up at 69. It’s all just really weird and confusing.


Thanks, this seems like a significant improvement so far.

A separate minor issue when leveling I’ll throw out there is with BRD. There probably will be some confusion in the BRD prison vs. upper city range since there’s no objective screen in classic to know which one you got into, but that was already the case. They never did this in the original game, but I think Upper City would be less confusing if it ported groups into a different location than prison (maybe right in front of Ambassador Flamelash) and maybe automatically gave people a key since few people go to the trouble of walking to BRM to get the key quest (and then the quest itself requires doing things that aren’t a part of either RDF section). Or if they removed the key requirement for a couple doors along the path from Flamelash to the last boss.

Hey just reporting in to say things have improved. Thanks.

I can see green dungeons now.

Yeah I get that is what they have done but imo if I can travel to a dungeon and zone in I should be able to queue rdf for it.

being able to queue for Stratholme at 45 seems like a bad idea.

min level would be 55 for strathholme afaik


you can travel to stratholme and enter it at 45. You weren’t talking about what the RDF levels originally were.

ahh true, I guess I assumed they changed the entry levels to match rdf ones

I have always been able to tell if I’m in BRD Prison or BRD Upper City by looking at the RDF “specific dungeon” window after I’m teleported via the random queue. At least before the hotfixes, the “specific dungeons” window would show which random dungeon I was queued into for BRD. I’ll have to check after I have a character get back into BRD range.

The level ranges in your party add to that fact. I don’t have a character near BRD anymore but I’ll post here if the hotfixes changed that. If your party members are too high level for BRD Prison, it should be locked out. Before the hotfixes, I would only see BRD Upper City when checking the “specific dungeon” window after I was teleported in if my party was too high leveled for BRD Prison. Same for the vice versa if your party levels are too low. I suspect now that the level ranges are a bit more lenient, BRD Prison and BRD Upper City may both show in the “specific dungeon” window. One of the two BRD’s should be locked out either way when you view the “specific dungeon.” At least that’s how it worked in original when both BRD dungeons were visible in the RDF “specific dungeon” window.

Thank you for addressing this. Very much appreciated!

That may be the case. I still think it’d be better to teleport you into the dungeon by Ambassador rather than the entrance.

The shadowforge key is also required to get past some of the doors on the way I’m pretty sure. It’s possible the queue only makes a group where at least one person has a key, not sure.

This also apparently confused people in original wrath as well:

reddit thread from 13 years ago:

some thread from 14 years ago:

Seems like the best time to fix it was then, but not too late to adjust it in classic.

I haven’t confirmed if the hotfixes affected the algorithm but prior to the hotfixes I was queued into BRD Upper City without anyone in the party with a key. Luckily I had the quest on the alt I was playing so yes, we had to take the long way to get the key. So no, the queue did not look for anyone who had the key before forming the RDF party. I don’t know if the hotfixes changed that but I doubt it.

Honestly I don’t mind having to do the entire dungeon for BRD. Plenty will leave by the time the key is made but it’s still good EXP. And I like having the key either way.