Worst support experience ever

I did put him on ignore he got on his second account to come back :). But wow doesnt care about harrasment like that apparently

And did you report the accounts?


Yes i did but considering i was the one punished i doubt anything happened to him.

In THAT case, you put in an ongoing harassment ticket.

Bypassing an ignore is a HUGE no no. If this happens again do the following.

DO NOT RESPOND IN ANY WAY AT ALL. Responding constitutes a conveesation.

Place them on ignore.

If that ignore is bypassed put in ongoing harassment ticket.

Sit back and wait, you will not know what happens, but something will.


We are not saying that what the other player did was cool, nor breaking the in game rules. Your fellow forum posters being only players (myself included) do not know what transpired.

Usually both sides are reviewed during a report, and it is possible both sides were actioned.

In the future, if it happens again, which I sincerely hope it does not, it would be best to report this in game, to use the in game systems to avoid this (Ignore), and avoid penalties by further compounding them yourself. In a vernacular, turn the other cheek.


You broke the rules, so clearly you should be punished. If they broke the rules, then they will be punished as well.

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You are giving them what they want, a clear response that you are flustered and upset. Ignoring them and not engaging is more frustrating for them.

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It definitely is against the rules, in game and here in the forums. You found this out already in game by your own penalty, please avoid any language, masked or otherwise.


Then wow needs to make it where if you ignore someone their whole ip is blocked because the multiple accounts to harrasse someone isnt cool.

/ignore works now against a battle net account. This has evolved since the ignore feature was added, and 9.1.5 brought further changes.

If it goes beyond that, then submit an in game ticket.


I understand where you’re coming from. I’m a roleplayer myself and I understand the frustration that come from some other players.

But Blizzard has given us many tools to help prevent people from harassing us. From ignoring players, filing tickets and even going elsewhere to continue enjoying you’re game.

In a perfect world we would never have to experience anything negative. But it can happen anywhere.

It doesn’t hurt to be proactive in protecting yourself from these people.


Why should say a sibling be punished that follows all rules including not sharing account info bexause their younger or older sibling cannot?

Or roommates?

Or dorms?

I know you are frustrated. I get it. However the tools have been provided on what to do next time.

It is unfortunate you were pushed that far, but you typed it. You hit enter.

Learn from it and know if it happens again not only will you not give them the satisfaction, but you will indeed have the last laugh.


It’s more than likely you both were punished if he was also using offensive language.

For the future, the best process to use is to report the other player and then put them on ignore.
If they try to get around the ignore, you can then submit a ticket for ongoing harassment. Circumventing Blizzards in-game ignore raises the level of their offense.

It’s important though that once you report them, you have no further conversation with them. Best friends can say things to one another that would get them punched in the face if said to a stranger. If you get into back and forth searing at each other, the person you reported can claim it was all just friendly banter.
That can’t be claimed if you were not speaking to them after reporting.


IP blocking doesn’t work. It can be bypassed in five minutes or less using VPNs.

IP addresses are assigned dynamically by your ISP. That means at any time your personal IP address can change without notice to you. So if someone else was IP-banned and your ISP decides to rotate IP addresses then you are now the one banned.



Honestly its whatever. My 2 friends who were there reported him too. So i can just hope he got punished and move on. Next time ill just log out and level an alt or somethn.

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If you know someone on another realm, you can have them create a group in the group finder. They invite your RPers to their group and you hop realms away from the one interfering with your RP. Leave Orgrimmar as well because you could still be on your home realm there. Try Razor Hill or Crossroads. Similar ambiance.

Another place to RP without interference is your Garrison. Everyone needs to have started their garrison for that to work. Everyone selects “View leader’s garrison”. The only ones who can interact with your RP there are ones in your group.


Thats the part that sucks. He wasn’t supposed to be on my realm. He bought a transfer there and a level 60 boost to buy something from BMAH. Thats actually what started the harrasment because he got mad that i tried to outbid him on a mount.

It’s not the same as what I was suggesting. Using the method I suggested you realm hop, not transfer.

Because of the randomness of the BMAH, transferring realms gets used to bid on the item you want. Doesn’t break the rules.

There’s nothing wrong with you trying to outbid him.

I am sorry that you were having trouble submitting the appeal, Joralf. I’m not sure why you were getting an error.

As the others mentioned, the point of the appeal process is to ask our staff to double-check the original action taken against your account. It seems to me from your post here you admitted to using “colorful language”, which indicates you were already aware that you violated our policies.

Some things in context matter, yes. Using profanity of any kind in public chat, which is what you were penalized for, doesn’t.

I understand you felt that another person was harassing you and you felt the need to defend yourself but the appropriate response would be to report any inappropriate behavior yourself and place them on ignore.

Guilds may invite or remove anyone they wish for any reason they wish, even if that reason is rather distasteful.

You seem to be under the impression that it is a lengthy or complicated process. It is not. The original penalty is very easily located on the account, our systems allow us to look at the log on it and see, clearly, what language was used.

When bringing up your ticket I clicks through three options and found where you used an F word in public chat.

Yes and no. You are welcome to behavior in any manner you wish, but understand that there may be consequences. If your behavior is reported, the matter will be examined and appropriate actions will be taken.

We very much care about it. At that point you’d want to report the behavior under “Ongoing Harassment” so our staff can look into it.

You don’t appear to have used ongoing harassment, I don’t see any such ticket. If you used right click report for language, that will be looked into, just as it was when others reported you.

I believe everything has been covered to this point, and to help avoid violating the code of conduct again, as I’d rather avoid suspending forum privileges, I think it would be best to close this thread.