Worst chicken decision possible?

It’s all relative to skill. Yea, it’s easy content for skilled players, which is why we want AT LEAST A LITTLE CONSISTENCY when it comes to mechanics that determine parsing. The goal for high end players isn’t IF they can clear the raid. It’s some existential metric like parsing or speed.

Why not let players decide if they want to go all out and min/max everything? Especially after the community VOTED FOR IT.

The parsing community. That’s not the whole playerbase.

The point is they didn’t make a decision with the goal of making the game more enjoyable for the player. The chicken is still in game and still stacks. it’s just more RNG.

They made the decision based on that this interaction didn’t even exist in post 2.1 WoW. The battle chicken was actually fixed in 2007 in original TBC.

But its the player base that’s effected. Look, what I’m saying is that if your not in a raid/guild that cares about parsing then this never affected you. It was an interesting mechanic that could be controlled by the player. Losing this deletes some agency of choice for those players.

They are essentially saying “you think you do, but you don’t” to the people that this effects.

It does once a guild is bashing its head against a wall trying to progress on a boss.

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This content is 15 years old. It was cleared then without chickens or half the knowledge we have today. It can be cleared regardless of a chicken. That’s not a determining point or argument to remove an item.

My guildies aren’t too happy, I told them and they said to stop reading the forums (they saw it on other Discords and Reddit too though), and then the blue post came, and now they are sad about the “no fun” aspect. Oh well. :frowning:

I feel bad for the people who just leveled engineering for it.


Blizzard breaks the chicken buff unintentionally by altering Illidan’s enrage mechanic, then is too lazy to “fix” the incidental chicken nerf that occurred.

Many things in TBC classic are not in the original state as from vanilla. This is just lack of communication and incompetence on Blizzard’s part for stating they are not going to fix the issue or meet the community in the middle group.

This is also an item based buff that has been in the game since the release of TBC Classic, similar to the MCG, why they decide now is the time to alter it is beyond me, especially after thousands of players leveled engineering for it.


I don’t feel bad for people who went out of their way to abuse degenerate gameplay. Surely you all realized something like this could happen.

A level 40 trinket is obviously not intended by the original designers to give you 1,000 dps or whatever.


Correct. They copied a 15 year old decision because it was easier for them. In 2022 logs and personal performance has became way more important to the player base. Making personal performance more RNG based is just a poor choice.

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Cant let the melees get too powerful again.


absolutely the worst decision.


Wolfshead Helm would like a word with you.

And they went back in “re-broke” powershifting for Ferals, which was something they claimed was ‘fixed’ in 2.2.

They gave the same explanation for powershifting that they did for the battlechicken, except they went back and “rebroke” powershifting because the community enjoyed it. There’s no logical reason (from their logic) they can’t do it for the chicken.

As we’ve worked on this, one of the people we spoke with was the original systems designer who requested the change to energy regeneration. Those conversations have made it clear that the patch 2.2.0 regeneration change in late 2007 was not intended as a nerf to Druids


I like parsing and generally have good parses - I also used chicken - but I think just breaking the ability altogether should have been to way to go. There’s too much min/maxxing so that bosses are a complete joke. If Bosses aren’t going to be made harder then they should at least kneecap some unintended buffs.


Degenerate gameplay is what most players are participating in today. Most raid stack certain classes, use advantageous boss strategies, full consumables even on trash, use OTHER PROFESSIONS FOR THEIR BUFF. Are you sure you’re not participating in degenerate gameplay? It’s all subjective.

I think most people that leveled engineering took away an important message from Blizzard blue post about Chickens: " but we were somewhat leery of being too heavy handed here as in order to get the full benefit from this buff, you have to take a somewhat convoluted set of actions to trigger it reliably"

As I said, this is the heaviest of handed changes possible. It’s completely RNG.

Vanilla Classic, actually. It’s just gotten more mainstream.

I believe he is referring to the proc in combat effect that they broke today.

Was the force proc not a thing in vanilla or did people just not know about it?

It did not work in vanilla nor did it work in SoM or Era servers