Worst chicken decision possible?

1 stack? Nah
Gaurenteed proc? Nah
Remove it? Nah
Haste rating nerf? Nah

Make it super rng? Yes yes yes

Edit: Hopefully Devs take a second look at this given how many options they have available to them.

I feel as though a gaurenteed proc that occurs on use (limited to 1 buff that doesn’t stack) instead of a gimmick via taking a offensive action or complete rng could be a viable solution while reigning in the power of the trinket from the current (low) possibility of stacking to 5.


You just wait… Parsing guilds are gonna do the wait and try again thing multiple times now to get a proc or two up before a fight…

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If it maximizes suffering for the people trying to abuse it I’m alright with that.


Nah, just means all of last weeks parses prob get blacklisted (caster too) and chickens are banned going forward.

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Also sounds good.

Could’ve done it… Maybe a week prior? Timing is as rediculous as usual… Inb4 Monday sunwell release.

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You mean make it work as intended? Wild concept I know.


No shot, no shot

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Change MQG? Nah, the community said no.
Change Chicken? Yah, a random community council member said so.


Good thing I just dropped blacksmithing and leveled engineering 0-370 at the cost of like 1500 gold. Awesome!

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Tbh I would’ve kept the MQG change too.

Bro, the enh sham in my guild legit got molten fist from hyjal last week and did the exact same thing, feels bad man

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They never said they were going to leave it, they said they were looking into what to do about it.

“That isn’t to say the team won’t make further adjustments”

Ah here’s the blue post

Tldr: This battle chicken fix was actually implemented in patch 2.1 and post 2.1 you could never force procs.

according to blue post, the “fix” wasn’t intended to target chicken but was a byproduct of a fix they did to illidan restoring old behavior. They said they’re not gonna re-break chicken so you can proc it on demand though.

That is exactly what I did.

Amazing how Blizz can be so tone deaf. The people that care about parsing voted to accept it!

What about the people that care about degenerate gameplay and killing bosses idiotically fast?

This garbage was going to be stupid in Sunwell.

Blizzard’s response when given the option between improving the game or doing nothing.

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What? This has no affect on people that don’t care about parsing. They arn’t in the guilds that do this.

But, the people that do, leveled engineering based on the December post saying they wouldn’t do any heavy handed changes. What is this? The heaviest of hands? Now its all RNG? Come on get real. This is a bad change that is being left as is because it would require Blizzard to do work to fix.

In Hyjal/Black Temple where everything is easy it doesn’t matter so much. In Sunwell for a lot of guilds the difference between killing the boss or not would be everyone dropping their professions to go engineering for an idiotically massive buff from a level 40 trinket.

Anyway, this interaction was apparently not even accurate to TBC. Now you have the one that is.

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