Worst chicken decision possible?

These two are nothing alike.

Those same people would also vote to keep a 500% haste buff if one was discovered today. Doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


Sunwell? As it was, chicken was still going to be the most powerful item in the game through all of Wrath (and beyond).

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It worked in all 3 of these, but didn’t become common knowledge until TBC Classic.

Are they even going to post this change (and the related fix for Illidan) anywhere on the Burning Crusade forums? Or is this discussion only for the chosen few?

I’ma believe the guy in bipolar, which definitely used chickens for all of vanilla Classic, over you. No offense.

FUN DETECTED! DESTORY! DESTROY! Seriously though, please undo this change. You’re really going to listen to 1 button range dps and nerf mele? IN TBC, WERE NERFING MELE MORE? If this change stays I think I’m done boys and girls. Not because removing chicken is that big of a deal, but because Blizzard is willing to make these kind of last minute changes to ruin the game for some people. Along with all the other insane bull**** this company has put its players through over the last year? I think I’m done wasting my life on this game. :v:t4:

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WCL will have no choice but to ban it now. Which solves pretty much all of the problems.

Cope cope

Awesome change

Cope cope


It wasn’t even intentional you clown!

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Does it matter?

They neglected to break it to keep it status quo

Therefore it’s a change. Don’t care how it happened.

thats pretty cheap could have been worse lol

I mean, I’m not super mad or anything. I can still pop it and switch trinkets and get it sometimes. But dang, I never got to experience the 5 chicken stack.

You started off joking the got incredibly mald by the end.

Deep breath. It’ll be ok

My friend got to experience the logout chicken 20 times stack to die on the first mob in karazhan with it. All effort and logout time wasted! Dont know that thing only exists for parsing but yes if that was your goal its sad to see that “nerf”

It’s not even that cool tbc. We had decent 5 squawks and its like w.e cool but idk.

It was toxic and annoying. Very glad they are gone.

Pretty funny how people here don’t even realize that blizzard nerfed chickens on purpose but used the illidan fix as an excuse to avoid backlash.

Good change In my opinion, because now wcl will blacklist it.

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Im so glad chicken gate is over.


awful change… RNG ruins gameplay.

revert completely or ban completely whatever.

why is this even a topic, a lvl 55 trinket shouldnt work at lvl 70 LOL such a waste of brainpower this situation is.


Good riddance, this chicken should have been gutted in phase 1, sad that it took an unintentional dependency to finally get this chicken to stop squawking.