World PvP Essence Rank 2

With a hotfix a few minutes ago, we’ve made it so that Fighting on Two Fronts no longer requires looting the Mechagon Fight Club chest.

The difficulty of this step as a requirement for upgrading Ripple in Space was out of line compared to other parts of the achievement.

We’ll note this in our next hotfixes update.


Can you make it so Blood of the Enemy doesn’t require a PVP island? I think you’d find many players don’t feel that requirement is in line compared to winning a random BG. Or better yet just not tie further ranks to requiring rank 1.


Yes! So much this. Please replace it with another PvP objective, such as:

  1. Completing an assault in Warmode
  2. Killing an assassin or bounty in Warmode
  3. Acquire 100 (or whatever number) honor in Kul’tiras/Zandalar
  4. Kill x amount of players in Warmode

Anything but PvP Islands!


No, that’s in line. Just another complaint for no reason. Took me only an hour to get a win in a PvP island


You’re right. I’d much rather they not tie higher ranks to requiring rank 1 first. Kinda like they said originally that essences wouldn’t need to be acquired in order.


The honor for the other ranks will require a lot more grinding or whatever than getting one PvP island though. No?

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I’ll have brawler achiev by tomorrow but still no island so not so much. Last week was BG bonus event.

To each their own, I’m not trying to argue the difficulty of getting a PVP island done, although that is a premade and players do set wild expectations for it – moreoever I’d like them to either admit that essences are intended to be acquired in order, in contrast to what they originally said about essences, or to make their original statements ring true by eliminating needs to have rank 1s first.

It’s a simple opportunity for them to show credibility and communication, all in one statement.

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As much as I hated having to do a PvP island to get rank 1, it’s not really a big deal. Just queue a few times after posting a group finder entitled “get your essence” or something and you’ll eventually get people high ilvl enough to complete it.

99% of PvP islands are just a PvE race in which you never see the opposing players.


can we remove the epic bg from the lineup for blood of the enemy; I basically got up to 8-10/15k for rank 2 of it long before i ever saw one win :S :zzz:

This post makes it sound like it’s actually possible to complete the requirement for looting fight club chest??? What??? How and what is fight club in mechagon?

Also, for those of us who completed everything except fight club what does this mean?

means you should be able to get rank 2 ripple

This is literally what it is. I never seen the alliance when i did it

100% this. I HATE arena and any forms of 3v3, it’s disgusting and broken and I don’t wanna do them for an essence!

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I don’t think Fight Club can happen yet in Mechagon, or at least I’ve never seen it. I believe Fight Club only becomes implemented when the next PvP season starts.

But if it’s anything like the other FFA chests, I can see why they’re taking it out. The other requirements just involve doing PvP and getting it naturally over time working with your faction. The FFA chest means you’ll be fighting everyone on your own faction as well to try and open a chest.

The PvP island requirement was soooo frustrating. I like PvP but PvP islands are a nightmare


I got it in 2 pulls. I teamed up with a 380 dps warrior and healer priest. Was easy enough and none of us ever pvp

I got the chest the super easy way. I wasn’t in war mode when I entered the cave, which was empty. I simply opened the chest and left. I did get a 5min pvp debuff though which I totally expected.

I did it last night with 3 DPS … we did not even see the opponent players the entire game .

Come to think of it we probably won the Azerite race because we did not have a healer and the other team did :joy:

Just treat it like a mythic and you will get it done. May take a couple tries. Worst thing you can do is start chasing the enemy team.