World of Warcraft the Movie

My bf refuses to watch it with me, and he makes fun of me day and night for liking WoW. It’s very tragic.

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It was a mostly fun movie for anyone in the know. For anyone else it was probably a bit less so. They tried to condense a lot of material into a small time frame. I can see why it flopped, though I still thought it was okay. I don’t think it quite deserved the hate it got.


I saw it in theaters twice, and still have the cards with the digital codes on them. (tho i redeemed em ingame)

I also have it on DVD. Wish theyd gotten a sequel.

It was OK, nothing special.

I saw it in theaters when it came out.

I really liked it.

Thought it was good. I also liked it was set to the time before World of Warcraft on the timeline. I was thinking the other day, maybe we could have an expansion which goes back in time, not forward. To that time which had just passed when we started playing the game in 2004/2005.

I’m gonna be the downer here: I thought it was objectively bad. The pacing was terrible, the cgi (lightning magic for example) was bad, the acting was pretty brutal, and the props were lackluster.

That said, I enjoyed it for the fan service and sheer fact that I enjoy Warcraft.


Two words

Twink. Khadgar.

I loved the set work, props, costumes, etc., but it’s a terrible movie and Duncan is a terrible director. Some really dumb decisions were made in creating that film.


The director has already said he wpuld love to make a second movie.
But Legendary owns the rights and he has to get their ok to make a second movie.
As for a Arthas movie. There are rumors that they are indeed planning one.

It wasn’t a AAA movie, but I liked it a lot.

I’ve been saying this for years….they try so hard to make cinematically as movies about the Lore. It’s so convoluted and confusing for a lot of folks. They would be better making a trilogy or even tv series about some newb adventurers starting off in elwynn forest and slowly disclosing the plan as they go along. Total nubs people can identify with even if you don’t play wow. You gotta be a thorough lore fiend to follow this stuff.
But a group of scrubs starting out people can jump onboard with as they progress and the story unfolds.

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I won’t lie, I thought it was terrible. The acting was bad, the special effects looked awful on a good screen and the story? I can’t believe how people could swallow that tripe!

It’s one of the worst movies I’d seen in ages.

It took me 3 different sittings to get through and I had to force myself to sit there. My house mate sure heard the running commentary coming out of my mouth and it wasn’t G rated :expressionless:

Each to their own I guess :man_shrugging:t3:


movie was … fine. it won’t have any appeal to viewers who aren’t already wow fans. it won’t start a cult or a revolution.

I enjoyed it, but I’m kind of a nerd, or a dork… probably both lol

I enjoyed it. But there are tons of deleted scenes that should’ve never been deleted that add a lot to the movie like Grom actually speaking lol.

I’d be a lot more excited to see a WC2 or WC3 movie. I hope they make a 2 and 3.

I thought it had great potential, most of the orc scenes for me were the highlight… I thought the core human roles were miscast… and that orc female human cosplay felt so bad.

I think it was just a mess, I don’t know the lore but whenever I see a movie, I want it to look good, and grab me but this movie just was not good IMO.

I enjoyed it, not the greatest but very entertaining

I agree.

I enjoyed the movie. As others have said, it wasn’t great, but it’s entertaining. Lore-wise it’s a mess. But I’ve seen far worse movies, and far better movies that twisted their source material even worse than the WoW movie.

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