World of Warcraft the Movie

I enjoyed the World of Warcraft the Movie. Specially since it was the only movie about Wow.

If you are not familiar with it here is a the movie trailer:

I would like to hear what people think of this movie in general. Was it faithful to the Wow world and lore? Was the acting good. Were the special effects adequate. Etc.


Too many lore changes. Thoroughly enjoyed it though, and I don’t really see why people thought the CGI was bad. I wish they had made a second movie or perhaps used the storyline surrounding Arthas instead.


I loved it. Plain and simple. After sitting through the credits I was excited because it looked like a tease for a sequal starring Thrall. There is a lot of good lore they could cover and I hope we get another one.


I’m probably one of the few that enjoyed it enough to watch at least more than once.

I mean, it wasn’t mind blowingly awesome like Avatar or Matrix when they were first released.

I don’t think it was a work of art (visually I thought it was outstanding) but I’d give it a solid 6/10.


I heard it was decent, but I have yet to see it. Hopefully I’ll catch it someday.

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Hello, I see you posted a thread about awful movies. It was terrible!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!

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It was a decent movie, I had no problems with it. I do still think that Warcraft storytelling on that level would be better off as an animated series over a live action movie though.


Saw it when it was in the theater.

Was it entertaining, sure. Did I buy the dvd, yep. Do I still watch it periodically, that I do.

Do I think it helped the game bring in new players, nope. Do I think it was a good movie, nope.

Actors didn’t seem to have chemistry. Spoken lines were odd and awful. Lore was changed.

I know a lot of work went into this, would have loved to see something come of it.

Khadgar was, imo, the best part of the whole movie


Warcraft would have been better served as a series like Witcher than as a movie.

Excuse me but I was told youve never even seen SpongeBob so Im not sure if I trust your taste in storylines. Like ???

I will never live this down, will I


Is it worth streaming for $3.99?

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Yeah, I’d say you’ll get your monies worth off Khadgar alone for that.


Im afraid not


I’m a frayed knot


Im afraid, Knot.


I hate how, whenever you bring up WOW to someone they’re like “HaVe yOu sEeN tHe WOrLd oF wArCraFt mOVie?” No, I haven’t okay? I am talking about the game, I don’t care about the movie.

But why so aggressive in an innocent thread lol

I’m going, to be honest with you, I didn’t read it. I saw the World of Warcraft movie and got “angered”. Because it reminded me of my experience when I brought up WOW to someone.

I have never facepalmed so hard


I can watch this movie movie non stop. Love it