World of Warcraft Pays Homage to Diablo with the Greedy Emissary Event

kinda weaksauce rewards for players who have the mount and 20th anniversary stuff… feels like a catch up event : / there should have been a new mount


Then it doesn’t suit you let others enjoy it


I’m confused though, how do we get Tyraels Charger? Cos Wowhead just posted it as being datamined for the trading post for 10.1.5 which is still a long while off.
Maybe this was an error?

Please don’t let it be some absurd % drop, i think I will actually cry if this is so.

I missed out on this mount initially, then missed it again for the brief time it was in the store last year, and now if RNG hinges on my chances of getting this mount… :cry:

Gimme a soulstone mog so my Vulpera can look like a Carbuncle.


I wouldn’t worry about it, I’m sure the droprate won’t be that bad. Plus I don’t think it would surprise anyone if it turned up in the trader as well, after all the mount’s coolness factor has been nuked from orbit at this point.

What’s that line from the Incredibles? “If everyone has what was once a rare-ish mount…”

No, I accepted I might never get it. Then they come back with it in December saying its a 1 month promo, then this only a few months later but basically free. Questionable marketing tactics and possibly can be sued for?


Aww…Mini Diablo, or a murloc dressed up like one, should have been the pet.

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Sorry. Spicy wings.


I’m more worried I’ll tag one and it’ll just open a gate and flee before I (or anyone else in the area) can burn it down.

I’ve not had very good luck hunting these types of things in the past.

edit: It would appear my fears were unfounded (for today at least). They are regularly spawning and well-camped by an able squad.


It was always free. You paid for the sub.

i agree missing out on loot due to time or some bull
have it like the fish from the caverns or something like

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Not even surprised, activision loves to pull these stunts. Its no wonder blizzard side of things is long dead.

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lol, oh boy


To some degree its true. They literally marketed it as a 1 month thing only recently and its gone again, for $$. That being said Im not going to do that, but yeah I wont be surprised if someone tries to.

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You mean like they said it may return in some other way later on? You mean how they sold the Guardian set but it’ll also be in the Trading Post? What would possibly sue them for?? People had a mount for SIX MONTHS prior to this event.



hope you can choose what thing to get.
only interested in the backpack.
:coin: :purse:

come on. He’s atleast worth 500 anima


Oh, the charger is from the event. Cool.

This looks great. :dracthyr_yay_animated: I love non-cloak backs.


aptfully named given what was just released on the classic community. I havent click on the article, but i know a treasure goblin bag when i see one.

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It’s not like most of them weren’t already purchasing gold.