World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

I dunno, people being outraged over a painting being replaced that they probably couldn’t locate is pretty funny to me.


Thanks you get a cookie. :cookie:

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But I can’t eat a cookie or tasty :bear::sandwich: anymore because I’ll have to fart! And Blizzard ssys I can’t anymore so I’m just going to blow up into little Gnomey chunks!!!

runs away crying and holding his adorable Gnomey tushie

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I’ve wanted them for so long. :sob: I knew in my heart of hearts we’d get them one day!

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When is this 9.1.5 suppose to come? 2 months , 1 year ?


What is worse is all of this sudden need for inclusivity has only arisen from being called out for being a crappy company otherwise it would of been stagnant for another 17 years [lol]


This is sadly true, and I hate that. Part of why I’ve been enjoying queer content made by queer creators, personally.

Maybe this is a sign of real change, but so long as Bobby is at the helm it’s unlikely. Everything is a PR stunt to try and save face.

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I have my own stance on ‘queer content’ etc and inclusivity but what I’ll recognize is these companies never do it for a genuine reason of caring. Other wise they’d even do it yeaaaaars ago on a bigger scale.

Boils down to;


Read the article fast, before it becomes fruit.

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Give worgens more options! As it stands, after 8.1.5, Worgens will have the least possible options when it comes to customization options.

Giving them a tail would be a good start since worgens have zero new unique options to pick from.

Here’s a mega thread for Worgens you can choose ideas from. :slight_smile:


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Still want to know how the Big Love Rocket “punches down”.


You have to be careful because one persons “main problems” isn’t someone else’s “main problems”

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We’re also planning to make the incubus a glyphable option for Warlocks when they summon that classification of demon.

This I like!

We also want players to be able to express themselves through their characters, so we don’t intend to change existing player looks or cosmetics. Instead, we want to ensure that we’re offering a wide range of options for players to represent themselves.

I guess people wearing saltstone leggings can breathe a sigh of relief. :grin:

This work is ongoing alongside our development of new content and features.

Now is the time to allow us to hide leg armour, be brave Blizzard!

0 compromises about literally removing the awful systems in shadowlands.

I think I’m just going to ask the CS to basically remove my time, I havent log for real in about 7 months and 3 weeks except the week that SoD opened that I did raid.

I don’t care about “e-sports” and never will. The first mistake of this game was tapping into that obnoxious market.

I hope dev’s are already working what’s beyond 10.0 because you will need a miracle to save the ship crack and the wound from opening further. So far there’s absolute nothing that ties me to this game anymore… not even classic wotlk.

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Have they ever done this? Legit question, I can’t recall them ever removing a “system”, they just make the systems easier to deal with but never remove.

They did change back in 8.2 azerite armor into another garbage circus aka essences. It was worse that was more than ever this game went to… it clearly menas they CAN do it but they are not willing to.

With the opening of classic expansions I don’t understand why they are not using the lessons of why keeping it simple sometimes just work best.

What an obsolete view. Perhaps you should consider the fact that removing women for fruit sends a message that bodies are something to be ashamed of rather than celebrated. Now, if the problem is that a game made mostly by men focuses too much on the female form, a better fix would be to vary pictures so that they show a scantily clad man. The lens by which you are evaluating this is troublesome at best and detrimental to women’s ownership of their bodies at worst. Do better.

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The guy who is making people do these changes is probably making bank working from home. Sends an email once a week “hey remove this” and gets paid his full salary . Props to him for exploiting the company

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You seemed to have missed the train…17 years ago. The “classic experience” cannot and will not be replicated. The experience was bad internet(dial up, rarely broadband), limited knowledge with a website that didn’t have everything, players who had 0 knowledge of the game, etc. When you have full knowledge of the game and just press the “reset” button - it’s never the same.