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World of Warcraft News and Development Updates

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In short, we want our jokes to be inclusive and not punch down.

I am not exactly sure how turning women into fruit will accomplish this task.


Incubus glyph confirmed.


Is it really? Because we’ve been stuck in the same narrative and situation for 17 years so I’m not sure I believe that.

Incubus is a good change from all of this, however. That’ll be cool to see.


Good to see communication explaining the thought process behind the changes. :+1:


So much for Classic™ truly being the ‘classic experience’.


I said this in the other thread so I won’t repeat everything but:

Communication is very good. Even if players get upset, having insight and communication helps things more than anyone can explain.

It allows us an avenue to actively communicate with developers based on their -current- thoughts rather than things they’ve already thought about and have moved on from. It basically stops players from feeling like they’re talking to a brick wall.

More of this communication please. Throughout the entire game.


“While we are not focusing on the main problems with Shadowlands, we decided to focus on more social justice and removing/adding unnecessary things in our game because 1% crowd demands it.”


Please let us know what’s going on with PvP gear, even if yall aren’t gonna fix it just let us know what’s happening we’re tweaking up in this thread.


So I guess you haven’t looked at the 9.1.5 patch notes huh


“WoW Esports”

This is it that thing that when you do tournaments less people see it than Asmongold on any given day on Twitch, no?


If enough people watch MDI to be a profitable venture for Blizzard, then it is worthwhile for Blizzard to pursue.

That’s just how business works.

Given MDI has been going for roughly five years now, I think it is safe to say it is profitable for Blizzard. Especially when you consider that most of Blizzard’s esports divisions across the company have been slashed except WoW and Hearthstone.

blizz i think your breaking your own re-posting a similar topic rule.


Stop removing emotes and turning women into objects. Its just dumb, pointless, and isnt what ANYONE asked for. Work on real problems with the game, you have made some strides in that front but there is a lot more to do. Bugs that have been in the game for years, lack of evergreen content, fixing the placement and sizing of some armor pieces, any of that would be a better use of time.


Now you can punch down on fruit!


Given recent feedback from the community, I pity the folks who actually post these updates. I imagine them throwing the thread up like a raw steak into a lion’s den and running the other direction.


It depends on your interpretation. And I am gong to invoke my 3 years in a BfA program here (Bachelor of Fine Arts, not Battle for Azeroth). In the instance where we are changing the painting from one subject matter to another, switching it from a nude study to a still life is fine. Both are subjects of fine art. And given that the goal is to diversify the subject matter (from sole portraitures to other subjects) why not a bowl of fruit? There are a ton of bowls of fruit that hang in the Met or the Louvre.

Now, I get the point. I just don’t think this rises to the leave of pearl-clutching indignation. At this point, Blizzard is darned if they do and darned if they don’t. If they put that particular female figure in a snow suit, it would be branded censorship. If they replaced it with a landscape, it would be “erasing.”

Frankly, I thought the bowl of fruit was a pretty quaint homage to the subject matter, especially given that Azeroth has’t discovered abstract art or cubism yet. And if it were me, I’d be sneaking in one of my favorite artists: Georgia O’Keefe, because almost none of the community would get it - until some pundit on the internet bought it to their attention and the pearl clutching would begin all over again.

Blizzard replacing art assets is just not a hill to die on. In games where you just keep buying new and the old game is never seen again, the devs can make the game what they want. For WoW, which is almost a generation old, the current devs don’t have the same agency to make their own mark. So if Blizzard wants to add to the budget to give the current dev team the opportunity to make the game we see today, lock, stock and barrel, their vision, instead of supporting a vision nearly two decades old, then I’m ok with it.

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It’s not enough to bring back all subs that they lost, there still issues that needed to be addressed like loot system, lack of content and bad storytelling. They’re focusing on woke content that general community didn’t ask for.


I agree it doesn’t address the main problems.


Fixed that for you.