World of Warcraft - Midnight

The god-emperor of elvenkind? Lor’themar wouldn’t dare unite us all as the true king of the elves above even Azshara’s title. The hubris! The decadence! They better build him up then as the true ruler of the disparate elven tribes. Maybe they can make his title Oberon! Like in the old stories!

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I’m more worried that they’re going to finally develop the Void Elves in Midnight.

Anything happening in Quel’Thalas needs to be 99.99% Blood Elf centered. Quel’Thalas is vital to the identity of the Blood Elves.

This elven unification talk feels… like a bad omen. Just sweep the Blood Elves under the rug in their own home zone, probably nuke their city and suddenly there are less of them than Void Elves somehow, and then all the elves just move there. Amirdrassil manifests over Deatholme.

It’ll just be bad all around.


I think the elves will be uniting, but I don’t think Quel’thelas falls, but somehow stands as the last pillar of Light being assaulted by the forces of darkness, but if they really want to knock down the elves yet another peg it doesn’t make sense for Quel’thelas not to be changed maybe transmuted by the Void and the elves have to unite as they have no other choice since it’s a world ending event.

I wonder how the elven tribes will look like under this unification

I have joked about the sunwell detonating forever now, but I hope they do not actually pull that and sink Quel’thalas.

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I expect this expansion to be uncomfortably smug.


That was in Chronicles vol 1. It was where Kith’ix, the C’thraxxi that led the Aqir in the Aqir / Troll wars, was killed.

There was Ula-Tek from the RPG, although it was speculation that they were an Old God minion. Whereas Kith’ix is canon to be an Old God minion.


That was it, I got it a little mixed up.

Would be interesting to see if that plays into all this.

I had the same thought, I mean Anduin is back this first coming xpac so maybe Sylvannas, the new and improved will return.

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Your right Silvermoon was built over the holy site of the Amani which was built on top of a corpse of an old god minion. OMG that actually makes sense why the Void wants Quel’thelas so much!


Who knows, maybe Kith’ix gets revived. We know it is possible to do that with C’thaxxi. Mythrax was revived during BFA. Zakajz came back during Legion only to be defeated for good. With an Arms warrior killing it and then a Shadow Priest feeding its essence to Knaifu.

Zul’aman was built on top of Kith’ix. Silvermoon was built on top of a sacred Amani Buriel Ground iirc. But the main reason why Silvermoon was built there was because it was also a ley line hub. With the Sunwell being directly on top of the hub.


The banshee Queen! Her return will be glorious!!


Midnight is the expansion I’m most excited for because it will inevitably throw all of the spotlight on my favorite couple, Lor’themar and Thalyssra.

  • Revamped Quel’thalas.
  • New character models for Lor’themar and Thalyssra.
  • A moment for (Horde) elves to shine.

Thalyssra, Tyrande, and Malfurion would NEVER allow Azshara to rule them again in any way, shape, or form.


I wonder if Midnight will revamp the old world for max level or just areas, while new zones are established on the map.

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If this vague “elf unification” is only code for “the blood elf kingdom goes neutral to facilitate Alliance questing,” then yeah, that’s a pretty obscene monkey’s pawing of the “please revamp QT” request. Time will tell.


I was thinking just yesterday about how I was experiencing Elf fatigue, but Midnight sounds somewhat interesting.

At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.

RIP Alleria Windrunner.


Alleria will be sacrificed upon the Sunwell to open a Portal to the Void and it will be her that Arator will be weeping over not Turalyon.

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I am almost sure that if we are heading to Quel’thalas they will be linking it to the eastern kingdoms and revamping the northern part of the eastern kingdoms at the same time. So, that’ll be interesting.


Imagine a scenario where the Blood Elves withdraw to an updated Suramar temporarily after Quel’thalas is attacked to set up a base of operations to retake their lands? I’d settle for an even minimally updated Suramar that reflects a post-Legion/Elisande state.

If the Sunwell does get seized, the Blood Elves may have need of the fruit of the Arcan’dor.

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The Arcan’dor is very specific to the Nightborne, though. It was fed off of the ancient mana surrounding Suramar. For the Blood Elves to get the same benefit the Nightborne do, they’d need another Arcan’dor in Quel’Thalas, and I don’t know how viable that’ll be with the Void out there.

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