World of Warcraft - Midnight

This intrigued me more than the Earthen expansion. The Void attacks the Sunwell and plunges the world in Midnight. The Void forces the elven tribes to unite as ONE people.

That means the naga, the thalassians -High, Blood, Void, and Nightborne as well as the Kaldorei. We are in a world revamp and the elves for the first time since the Battle for Suramar are united under one banner. The only time all the elves united was under their one true queen - Azshara.

Metzen said, “Elven tribes” that means the Elves are building their empire, but whom shall lead it? Lor’themar? Can’t imagine it. Alleria? Can she lead this diverse cadre of elves? Thalyssra? Ha! Not for this elf. Who can lead us all? Tyrande maybe Malfurion, but would highborne so readily concede their kingdoms to them? I dare say only one person is fit to bear the crown of the elves and lead us as one people…

We know who that is. If she doesn’t lead. You know she will drown the world in Midnight before she allows us to crown another king or queen of the elves. Who is looking forward for the expansion of the elves?


As a nelf through and through, I am also more excited for this. I really want to be a High elf allience pally!

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Hopefully it does not end in the Sunwell detonating and sinking Quel’thalas.


I mean that would be fun! I think this world revamp beginning with the Sunwell’s corruption sounds rather explosive. If Quel’thelas drowns who will gather its survivors? I have a strong feeling the Elven tribes will be fighting together, but who can lead Night Elves and Thalassians as one people? I am eager to see who they build up as the mysterious leader of the elven tribes.


He’ll come back from the Shadowlands and sit on the throne.

Joking aside, I imagine it’d be more of an elven ‘Republic,’ with a council of leaders, maybe even a senate or something.

If we were thinking about it rationally though, Thalyssra might be the best placed. Out of all the elven, ‘tribes,’ the Nightborne alone have their own secure city and territory (by the time of Midnight. I’m not counting the Blood Elves because… it sounds dicey for them).


I just don’t see her making Tyrande and Malfurion concede to her designs. I doubt it’s Azshara, or Lor’themar. Alleria is unlikely same with Umbric. Who do the elves have left who can unite them as one people? I can totally see a republic of the elves each faction High/Blood/Void/Night/Darkfallen/Nightborne/ Naga maybe? All being led by some sort of Convocation of the elves. I just don’t see how we would all unite and agree to the rule of one person or one government, but considering that the nations of the elves have been reduced to tribes by Metzen’s own words. That means major population upheaval and desperation for all of the elves to feel unity is our best chance at survival.

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Sudden thought: I bet Sylvanas will show back up during Midnight to defend Quel’thalas.


I want to see the Void War destroyed Lands of Quel’thalas. It’s about time do you think after what happened to the Exiled High Elves and Void Elves. Plus the Poor Night Elves that lost their homeland so why not.

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That would be the time to bring her back. She was the original final defender of Quel’thelas and she may return to continue to protect her homeland, but let’s be serious, would Tyrande bend her knee to the Banshee Queen? I wonder who can unite the elven nations/tribes into one faction.

Admittedly, I am more interested in what this implies for the Amani Empire.

Quel’thalas as we know it is not enough to carry an expansion, it’s literally just three zones. That said, older art and some details from the RPG depict it as being much larger, so I am wondering if they will go with some of the RPG lore and expand the Amani lands eastward.

Like I mentioned in the Blizzcon thread, there’s still the unused plotline of Bwonsamdi missing Zul’jin’s soul and him escaping the Venthyr in Revendreth.

While Zul’jin would likely want vengeance (as per the norm), I can also see the forces of the void splitting the Amani Empire, with callbacks to the RPG lore having Zul’Aman be built upon the corpse of an ancient old god minion and with some revering it as a loa.


Going to have a whole expac about Elves, meanwhile, Female Tauren still only have 4 face options


At this point we can’t be certain that Amirdrassil will be the new capital for the Kaldorei and are there enough of them to hold their original lands of Kalimdor. If we posit that Cataclysm 2.0 will be done by the Void. That means much of the world’s populations will have to unite in some way. No longer by simple blue vs red lines, but by shared culture and race. I think Metzen was given us a hint. One we need to consider closely. Elven tribes united as one. I want to skip the Earthen and go straight to the Void Expansion.


So what you saying is that the Amani would also get attacked too. Well darn. Poor Forest Trolls can’t get enough of the invasions.

At this point the remaining Amani like Zul’jin will be dancing at the ramparts of Zul’Aman as Quel’thelas plummets into darkness and destruction (again). I think they too will suffer, but this time the Zandalari are there to help unite them under a troll faction maybe?

I don’t believe there is an existing character which can, and nor do I believe a new character would work for that matter.

The idea of a single unified leader for all twenty billion flavors of elf is unfeasible.

Wouldn’t put it past Blizzard to just pull Arator out of nowhere and plop him on that throne, though. They did more or less the same thing with Talanji in BFA.


What was that thing about the child of Light and Shadow? People thought Arator represented that as a half elf who was born from two very opposite sides. I think you maybe onto something, but would the elves unite under a half-elf?

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That was supposed to be about Illidan, but probably applies just fine to Anduin too. Arator also works, but Blizzard never does anything with him.

No. No they would not.


Unification need not be a single leader. Blizzard does love its councils these days.


I want to see how The War Within plays out, but it maybe a quick expansion while the Midnight expansion will be the grande buildup to the final one where Azeroth awakens as the Final Titan and we have to fight the titans who are helping her awaken.

Whatever revamp happens at Midnight must be big enough to change the entire narrative of the factions. I don’t think everyone will join the Grand Army of the Light and throw ourselves into the maw united by all the dragons flying overhead with every Naaru in existence. Maybe though and then she awakens… Maybe the final expansion in the saga will be the prelude to a new game - World of Warcraft - Aftermath! haha

These next 20 years of Warcraft will be built on the next 3 expansions. Midnight seems pivotal as the world revamp under a Void lens.

Alliance in Silvermoon is actually disgusting.

If Lor’themar ever wants to get out of Kael’thas’ shadow he needs to surpass him. The best way for that is for Lor’themar to ascend as emperor.