World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

It still lasts 1 min. In order to get perma you have to put a point into that still in the Unholy spec tree.

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It’s very clear at this early stage that taking away the abilities we have and making us choose them as talents is going to go over very poorly. This is the “pull the ripcord” of Dragonflight, where Bliz will push back against our early feedback and it will end up pissing off everybody.

How about instead of taking away our abilities and ‘giving’ them back, we keep our abilities and you create new ones to place in the talent trees. Or, have the talents augment our abilities in different ways. Anything is better than making our classes once again feel weaker and emptier at the end of an expansion.


Yeah, it looks like the left side of DK is Ob single building and the right is AoE building. They have always caused the other to be weaker but don’t have to sac either.


Oooh you’re right, this is fair. I’m too used to soulbinds where it’s not based on points available, but path lol. Does look like there should probably be enough to where you can get all the actives and only lose out on a few passives.

editing that part out!

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I mentioned it in the CC thread, but I think they messed up the copy/paste for one of the Tier 3 Frost Death Knight Talents - Killing Machine has the description of Blood’s Foul Bulwark.

I assume it’ll be the same as the current Killing Machine. (Your auto attack critical strikes have a chance to make your next Obliterate deal Frost damage and critically strike.)


I am excited for this.


If you raid you can spend that interrupt point on something to help your DPS. Unless your a designated interrupter for your group you don’t have to worry about having it.

Yeah i missed the part where the ghoul only lasts a minute. But i will say that the talent having a [NNF] near it means that they are either debating keeping that in or have it as a placeholder. Either way i think its just there to keep perma ghouls away from the other specs.

Wow, interrupts won’t be baseline. Lol. I hope it works out though.

I’m glad I didn’t get my hopes up. This is exactly what I expected from you. You put shadowlands classes into talent trees and called it a day. In fact it’s even worse because now you have to make choices between spells you already have right now in game. I’ve not had anywhere near as much fun with the game since the Legion prune and now you’re making it worse.

If this goes live, it will be a prune. There’s nothing new here, no old classics coming back, it’s literally shadowlands but less. Absolutely awful.


I think the idea is with builds being easy to swap out on the fly, you’d have very tightly purposed builds. So for example an interrupt might not be as valuable as something else you could put that point toward in a world content build.

Dope. Aside from maybe some baseline spell changes and the such for the classes, at the end of the day there will unfortunately always be a meta. If I’m able to play one certain style in Frost while another Frost plays another style competitively, then I’ll be impressed.

Looking forward to the Mage sneak peak

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Can I make a bold assumption? I think feral should get instant clone back. It doesn’t add anything to pve so there’s no weird balancing with it, and feral only has stuns for CC. So it doesn’t add anything abnormally different. And I’m convinced it wouldn’t magically make ferals insane and OP to where everyone flocks to them. Since we already have clone already. It just makes feral smoother feel like feral more without having to leave forms to cast.
If there needs to be compensation for it, put it on a talent row that’s like, where huge dps is or maybe where bash/mass entanglement is. Please, I beg you Blizz.

I like your idea, but seriously what NEW thing can they create at this point? The game is almost 20 years old, they have used up every cool idea already, and they just don’t have the staff to come up with new and interesting things every single expansion. This was there way of saying “we made everything already but we took it away, so let’s give it all back”


This still wouldn’t work either, even if the two specs were within 1% of each other people would still pick the higher one.
What they need to do is force a choice being something really fun and something with just throughput.
I will always take druid convoke, even though its a pretty crappy talent overall, but its fun as heck raining down 16 spells all at once

I can’t wait to make a chilled Blood build, making mobs all mad with my Horn of Winter tootin~ :postal_horn: :partying_face:


Like I really miss Glacial Spike. Might not be the popular thing to like, but I loved the feel of it.

It sucks knowing that it’s garbage tier to even think on choosing it lmao

Not always - I played Slice N Dice in BFA on my rogue because it felt better than Roll the Bones. It was a DPS loss, but because it was more enjoyable, I played what I enjoyed.

Only Cutting Edge raiders really should care about that - there are others who do, but not everyone will go 100% optimum if the difference isn’t too noticeable.

The only real issue I have is when talents are DPS losses to choose over not having the talent at all. Such as Grimoire of Sacrifice for Aff/Dest locks or Glacial Spike for Frost Mage. Those talents should not have lasted as long as they have unfixed.


I just think as a multi- billion dollar company it is kind of lazy of them to stop innovating or being creative. What they gave us with these talent trees is just scraping at what the OG wow devs came up with 20 years ago rehashed because they can’t think of anything new


right, the original poster said “competitively” which they did not explain or elaborate but the only competitive wow I know about is something like Race to World First or the Mythic invitational.

I would ALWAYS chose the option that is most fun, because I dont raid, except LFR and I have done a mythic +
so the choice that gives me 1%more DPS but is not fun, I would never pick