World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

Dragonflight provides an opportunity for some major updates to classes in World of Warcraft with the re-introduction of talent trees. In this preview, we take a first look at the prototype trees for the Druid and Death Knight classes.

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This looks super cool!


This talent tree looks strange.


Cool beans. One mistake corrected, well looks like it.

Now if we are starting with flying in DF are you dropping all previous requirements for flight in all other expansions? That mistake is long overdue to be corrected.


Its on fire!!!


Its not true flying that we get at the start of DF but rather dragon flying. You have to use your dragon pet thingy and play with the new system


Cool, is it flying at the start of the game or not. I get we are bound to our new pet.

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Classic blizz

I was excited to see DK stuff and it was just a prank

We probably wont even have a new talent tree for DF


I like the idea of this tree but it feels like 90% of these things were talents we have in the 21-point talent tree? Or even just baseline abilities that are baseline in a single spec before calling SL powers effectively ‘baseline’

It feels like there are maybe 5 new things tops.

I was thinking this would’ve been more like the Legion artifact tree where your spellbook was loaded from the beginning, and then you got extra mechanics added to those abilities. Like 3 FoF stacks instead of 2/instant Blizzard after orb/Ebonbolt location damage/Frostbolt crits lowering IV’s cooldown/buffing Ice Lance. We didn’t give up any abilities for those so why do we need to now?

Obviously we can’t have like 80 different passive effects tacked onto abilities, but I was hoping most of the trees weren’t spent rebuilding our current L60 characters before picking talents


Hey! the chain mail bikini thread is doing way better, need to step up your game Blizzard. Try maybe something, I don’t know, cool maybe.


My biggest concern about the unholy tree is that you have to spend a talent to pick perma minion, when the spec is based all around your minion. Should be given to you automatically when you spec in to unholy. Other than that it looks awesome.


Abomb Limb survived! \o/ And ERW for all DKs! Huzzah!


Oh come on, I was about to go to bed… Guess I’ll stay up a little later.

It sure would be nice with all this extra choice if balance druids could see a return of more offensive nature spells, such as Insect Swarm and Hurricane. So perhaps those of us who like that vibe more than the current outer space themed spec could play a more traditional druid.

Maul as a Guardian talent rather than a baseline ability seems a bit stupid, seeing as how bear form is baseline. Why give all druids bear form if they can’t do anything with it? Similarly, moonkin form as a class talent rather than the first balance talent. So you can build a balance druid without moonkin form? I don’t like moonkin form, but it’s pretty vital to the spec.


It looks like they are changing that to letting you play without a pet as Unholy if you focus the left side. :o


What did you expect. GD clamored for return to talent trees, this what you (not specifically you per se, GD) get. Was fairly obvious this is how it would go


I like it, everything except choosing an interrupt, EVERYONE will take that, making it kind of pointless as a “choice”
I don’t raid or Mythic + but as a guardian I absolutely need an interrupt


If you are an unholy DK you get the raise ghoul ability for free as the default.

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Even if you try to ignore it, you still end up having to pick talents that buff the minion in the end. xD It’s one super minor thing concidering you have so many talents to pick from, but what I would do is probably swap out perma minion with festering strike so you then play either a minion build or a bursting wounds/disease build


But you have to talent in the Unholy tree to make it perm. All the pet talents are on the right side of the Unholy tree while the DK based ones are on the left.


I dont think they are going against each other, im pretty sure you can go into both of them. It would be more of a choice of if you want one or the other early on and how deep you will go before you take obliterate.

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