World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Talent Preview

I’m super disappointed with the approach to magic dispel: Resto Druid, and I assume other healers, get it automatically for being a healer. This means that as a Ret Paladin I will not be able to trade something, say my interrupt, to be able to dispel magic. Isn’t the point of these new trees to give players choice in how to build our characters?

I played Ret back in Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath, when my class had a magic dispel. I can’t tell you how much fun it was to have the entire paladin kit, and how disappointed I am that the devs continue to lock this utility behind role. Healers can now choose to sacrifice valuable utility to gain an interrupt, but DPS specs of classes with a healing specialization have no way to attain magic dispel?

Please change this design philosophy. Make class determine utility rather than role.


Most companies will do the least amount of work they can as long as the subs are still there, wow is not even Blizzard’s #1 revenue stream anymore, you can look that up.
So as long as people keep subbing they will do just enough to keep people coming back, it’s been this way since Legion, which was the last real innovation with the artifact weapons. The azerite and the covenants were just reskins of that same idea.

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Everyone seems to just remember the no IL spike build from bfa which was garbo…legion spike was actually kinda fun

Some of my thoughts as a Feral player…

I’m a little disappointed in the placement of Predatory Swiftness. Since it’s on the left side of the Feral tree after Primal Wrath that means it’ll be very difficult to take it in a raid scenario. I see that there are other ways for Feral to get that off-healing in now but being able to use your Predatory Swiftness effectively was one of the more fun aspects of mastery in Feral and I’m upset to see that be relegated to dungeon only now. I think it would be better if it swapped places with Infected Wounds.

Just eyeballing it, but it looks like the default raid setup might end up being the management-heavy style from Legion again with Savage Roar and Circle of Life and Death (Jagged Wounds) again but with some additional support to make the Bites heavier. I’m not sure if those will end up fighting against each other or not though since more time managing bleeds means less time Biting so those talents kind of oppose each other… then again there’s a lot more energy management on the tree than there was in Legion so odds are Bite won’t be pushed out quite as badly as it was there.

I’m pretty happy with the left side tree for Druid. Looks like it’s mostly an extremely customizable affinity tree. So whatever form weaving I plan on doing, I can pretty easily make it do something.

I’m happy that Feral is getting access to Balance’s utility of Innervate (finally) but I do have to ask why Feral still has the worst version of Rebirth out of any Druid spec. We are still the only Druid spec that can’t cast Rebirth in our preferred form and Rebirth is still not on Predatory Swiftness like it was before in Legion. Why is Feral not allowed to have a good Rebirth?

Overall there’s nothing really missing from either tree that I really want added back in. It looks pretty obvious that Feral will go down the left side of its tree for dungeon and the right side for raid. That’s the main reason I’m upset with Predatory Swiftness’ placement. Being so deep and so far left means it’s not gonna happen in raid and that’s just disappointing.

I also just noticed that Apex Predator is on the complete opposite side of the talent tree to Primal Wrath. Which is an… odd choice.

Wait… Bloodtalons is INCREDIBLY deep on the left side of the tree? That’s enough for me to change specs.


Resto druid looks awesome, super excited for the other healers.

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The UH DK tree looks pretty awesome! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the Priest tree. :wink:

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Yeah uh picking between chains and mind freeze is a real bad Idea. But it doesnt bring much in to the class other then the same things just lvl gated though talents. Its a weaker version of the cata talents and it has about as many choices as the current talent system. Need way more for this system feel like its a change from the current system. Yeah UH looks good the extra wounds will be nice.


We hear this feedback as primarily a concern about having much less “stuff” than you had in Shadowlands.

I would like less stuff. Particularly less CC and less overlapping damage buffs. Coming over from playing TBC classic, there is a quite a shock in that your normal damage seems too weak, and your cooldowns seem way to strong.

And the amount of CC in the game now is absurd. Strip it out.


No. If something was 1% higher then Lone Wolf/LonelyWinter, I would still choose something like Lone Wolf/Lonely Winter.

Give me a talent that removes Roll the Bones and it’s only 1% less then the other, you bet your rump i’ll choose the opposing talent.

Its important to know that you aren’t picking one or the other. The talent in between those 2 is a one or the other scenario. First, the mind freeze that you see is the improved version which would give some runic power and a lower CD if you interrupt a cast with it. Second, it will still let you take the improved mind freeze and the chains of ice.

No. That’s not what this is. It was apparent from the beginning that spells and abilities we currently have were going into talents but you will literally get those from the beginning probably starting at lvl 10. This is leaps and bounds above anything they’ve done in the past 5 or so expansions when it comes to player power and has room to build out from.

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I like how it looks, seems like building our own classes instead of receiving everything from a template, everyone of the same class doing the same.

You should feel the weight of caster dots without protest, kekw - devs

just ignore the imp that can bypass that though

All this does is allow for people to build truly supoptimal builds while allowing the majority to just rely on spreadsheet dorks to tell them what to pick…not to mention how tedious it is going to be to always have to remember to set up and toggle various talent options (which let’s hope it adjust bars accordingly) everytime you play to whatever content you are running.

But like all things, proof will be in the actual implementation and final judgement given then.

At this point warcraftlogs/subcreation (site for meta analysis)and blizz should just setup a functioning import/export format.

Stop dancing around and let the meta proliferation happen without friction.

Yeah but that is the game right now. Picking my covenant, picking my soulbind, filling that talent tree. All done by reviewing the work of spreadsheet dorks. As trying to think through the math of all those different things working together is not worth your time.

At least in Dragonflight we will only have our characters own talent tree to deal with.


It’s always been that way in WoW. At least with this, it’s in a system that can go from expansion to expansion and be edited/added to with no issues. There will also be load outs so you can change effortlessly.

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Like right now you can use method raid tools (formally exorsus), to see full loadout for everyone. All it takes is one intrepid person to continuously pull stats from meta sites; make an addon (or expand MRT); and then have addon adoption rate increase. You’ll quickly see groups have “alarms/checks” go off when someone in the group is not using the ideal setup.

There is genuinely no freedom of choice even in this new system except your freedom to associate who you play with and then later adherence to preferred group behavior.

Yea. Hopefully blizz finds a way to break that.

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If you put it that way, there will never be.