World of Warcraft Classic Era 1.14.4 Update Notes

World of Warcraft Classic Era 1.14.4 Update Notes

New Classic Era Hardcore realms will open at 3:00 p.m. PDT on August 24. Learn more about these realms and other updates right here.

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What will Blizzard do about the massive botting on Era servers? I assume it will carry over into HC as well.



don’t listen to doomposters like Garmuck

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Did the duel to the death level revert back to level 10?

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Hmm, does this mean players could quite literally kill off botting?


No WPvP in HC, bots will just safe farm to 60 and sell gold/items and it will ruin any challenge since you can trade and use AH.

This is going to be huge. I think night elf hunter is the best for this

Players are just gonna end up using the addon anyway, and those that want a real challenge will refrain from using the Auction House. These new servers are good cause they will be comprised uniquely of players participating in the challenge, and the pvp flagging change is a nice boon.


Have hunters get creative with feign death and agro onto bots.

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The addon community got into a lot of drama over the past couple months, I don’t think anyone will seriously be using it after the leadership get outed.

Is it still usable though?

Yeah but no point to it, whole draw to the addon was the appeal process which doesn’t exist on official because the server will just mark you as dead on death and you can’t rez or appeal it back.

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It is, but Garmuck is right about this. The addon is a joke at this point and the HC community is pretty sick of the crowd running it. I know there will still be people playing the style of HC that the addon enforces, but I doubt a great number will keep using it.

Well I’m sure you’ll eventually get some announcements of bans and videos where they can’t discuss what they do in detail but they are doing a lot!! Despite what your eyes see in the actual game.

I mean anyone with “eyes” on the PTR the last few weeks can easily see what the launch of HC is going to be. If you think there are issues now… imagine a place where people buy say gold… but when they die they don’t just continue on. They’ve lost all the things they’ve bought and the character. It’s like the gift that never stops giving. (edit: Obviously they can already do this on non HC without the death thing, but now it’s the option to lose it or xfer to a non HC era server with all the purchased items (yay.) If they were on HC I’d guess that’s where they want to play, so now they need to buy more!!).

I’m all for trying HC and the entire idea of perma death (until recreation) is appealing. Despite the fact I would have never tried this not overly long ago… I just see what’s going on even on the PTR and it’s kind of sad. So enjoy the start as that’s the best it’s likely going to be.

Are servers being left up broken at the moment? Cant see talent points, cant accept party invites, wands not working, and the options interface is suddenly the retail interface. Fix before HC goes live yes? Please? :frowning:

Doom posting? They are legit speaking facts. Lmao. Bots are insane right now in classic.

Please fix the talents on classic era softcore?

Hardcore really just needs challenges like nudist, no talents used, white knight, and solo self found etc. As soon as that gets implemented, hardcore will be complete. Especially if they add rewards per 10 levels or something doing such things entitles or toys or something.

Doubt they’d go that far, but it would be pretty cool.

In HC we’ll kill them

Drag mobs to them. We’ll figure it out.

Indeed it is, I leveled to 40 on classic wow before I got bored as a night elf hunter. It was too easy.