World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

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oh not mounts… oh nvm they are separate - good.

Not that the other stuff isn’t nice but I don’t like dust collectors and that statute would need high maintanence.


I’m glad the Ragnaros statue wasn’t made in the same manner as those BlizzCon statues. Does the actual game (battle chest anyway) come on disc in this box or is this just a RL lootbox?


Any chance you could clarify the box? Picture of box looks identical to previous CE Boxes but the specs say its 13.9" x 10.9" x 14.2". is that the outer box and it has a standard CE box inside maybe?


are they sending out a 15 year one to the veterans like they did to the 10 year or no


Wow. Time really does fly. Doesn’t seem like 5 yrs since the 10 yr anniversary events. Anyway… I know better than to skip the purchase of any anniversary stuff. I’m still regretting not having bought the CE for WOTLK. Got my pre-order in!

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Please respond


That statue looks awesome. I really want this just for that alone!


$143 AUD. But I got a question, in regards to the Term, “Shipping only to NA Regions”, does this also include Shipping to Australia, since Shipping to NA Regions can mean many things?

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Curious if this is a common problem, or Blizzard still has some weird anomaly with my CC info. A few months ago I tried to purchase the Illidan statue and even after jumping through about fifty hoops, I was still unable to make the purchase.

It’s really frustrating that I’m TRYING to give Blizzard my money, and their support for this doesn’t go farther than “hmmm there seems to be a problem, bummer.”


This is Activision Blizzard we’re talking about right?

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they could have put in the Blizzard store and not the Gear store :O(


So in Essence. It’s all the same game we already pay to play. But it’s 100 bucks in a white box.
Why not just make it 30 bucks for anyone who is still subbed in these trying times?

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Correct. There’s a collectible inner box and an disposable outer box. We listed the dimensions of the outer box on the site.

The inner box is the same size/shape as previous collectors editions.


Got home from work just in time to find it’s sold out. /sadface. Will any more be released or is this it?

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From the blog post:

“…check availability with your favorite video game retailer in the coming days to pre-order.”

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What video game retailers?

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will any of these be released at australian game stores? you released the preorder while my country slept and was sold out already upon waking up


I feel like pre-orders should never “sell out”. It should be a starting point at how many to make of a product. Hopefully they open up to more sales.