World of Warcraft 15th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

(Kaivax) #1

(Boneskulls) #2

oceanic servers?

(Ristra) #3

I got 99 problems now lets see if I can find $99

(Sarøs) #5

15 years later, I might actually be buying the collectors set this time around.


How are flying mounts for BfA classic?

(Ristra) #7

Cross game promotions happen with EVERYTHING Blizzard does now.

(Tricksyhyena) #8

Ummm… GD thataway?


It’s clearly not classic though. Look at the map, it has outland

(Matcauthon) #10

how is this classic related?


Figure if you’re already opening your wallet for beta access…

(Derka) #12

Is an actual game license for the entire game included with this?


It better be. At first I was excited when I saw it but then I realized that it’s $100 for a statue, a small mousepad, ugly mounts, and some other collectible bs. I mean, even if it does come with full access to the game it’s not really worth anything because most of us have already bought it all.


Order placed! Can’t wait for Classic!

(Dealloc) #15

Why is this in the Classic forums?


Hey i own vanilla collectors edition, will i still get diablo, panda, or zergling pet options on my new characters when i log in to classic???

(Kaivax) #18

Yes! As long as you have the original WoW Collectors Edition code incorporated into your live WoW account, you’ll have access to those three pets in WoW Classic.

I’m VERY excited to run around with my little Pandaren companion.

***EVERYTHING We Definitively Know about Classic***
If Collector's Edition owners get their pets, then let us have Murky
(Dinkydeath) #19

Sorry. No need for a flying mount where I am going.

This will play like gang busters in General Discussion though.

(Lagspike) #20

This is a very big thing to announce so casually! Those players have the pets on their retail account. They shouldn’t come over to classic, which is a different game. This implies that the games crossing streams with each other could happen again in the future

Now if this 15th anniversary thing also included those pets for classic…then I might be a little happier with this decision.

(Dovahsah) #21

Just spent 188 cad…god i hate the canadian dollar


Any news on any other things that will transfer between these two “separate” games?