World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight Deep Dive

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I assume you won’t be buying it then!


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Player Housing please :frowning: everything looks great so far!


your assumptions are meaningless when it comes to my money, but most likely not… let me know what week of the first raid your guild falls apart though!


Lol, you’re so snarky. I actually love it.

Nice chat!


are you one of those people who gets mad at movie trailers for not showing you the entire movie?


I got distracted by the horn noise at about 40-41 minutes into the video.

Thank you for bringing back a form of talent trees. The one big thing I missed after playing Classic was the old style talent trees with the many ways to customize your class.


I’m concerned about this, honestly. I’m just not sure how WoW will fare if they end up waiting a year or more at this point.

I mean they absolutely shouldn’t release anything before it’s ready, but… I don’t know many people who are going to play 9.2 the way people played SoO. There were enough players to handle the slow decline at the end of MoP - now there’s hardly enough players as it is.


I know that we aren’t meant to be privy to info before today but there was a picture making the rounds about being able to change spell cosmetics with a dedicated glyph tab.

Is this part of the profession revamp and deepening? Would be cool to have different spell colors to further customize our characters.

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I bet your one of those people that if it a famous brand name you give them money regardless of what it is.



  • We are back in Azeroth
  • The zones are looking less cramped.
  • Talents are getting worked on and I love the Class Tree and Spec Tree concept.
  • Professions are getting a focus and their own tool slots.
  • New UI shows potential.
  • Dragons are back.
  • New models for Gnolls/Tuskar/Centaur/Furbolg.
  • We aren’t dealing with the end of the world/existence… So far.


  • The new Race being one Class and new Class being one Race is ridicules. A Dragonsworn Class/Hero Class would have been FAR better.
  • The “New” Race just reuses Blood Elf/Human/Worgen models instead of brand new rigs.
  • The new race/classes models are iffy in general.
  • No Player Housing/Guild Halls. A much wanted evergreen feature.
  • PvP Talents are still a thing instead of being baked into the classes.
  • No new Class Skins like Green Fire.
  • No new Customizations announced.
  • Crafted Item Quality seems iffy.
  • No news on opening up gathering professions.


  • The Customizable Dragon Mounts seem cool, but having to unlock body parts feels weird.
  • Dragon Riding sounds fun, but I would have rather had a new feature for existing mounts.
  • I can’t remember how to spell the new race/class names.


  • Scrap Evoker as is and make a Dragonsworn Class/Hero Class for all races. Add Dracthyr Horns/Scales Dragon Form as Class Customizations for all Races when playing Dragonsworn.
  • Add some form of Player Housing/Guild Halls and expand on it through the Expansion and beyond.
  • Get rid of PvP talents and add them to the Classes basic utility.
  • Make the new profession stuff less convoluted.
  • Add Class Skins and more Racial Customizations.

That’s just like your opinion. This game has the developers and the core player base to make expansions for another decade at least. Time will tell.

Faction divides are what make Warcraft great.
Never needed housing to begin with, though we do have Garrisons, Order Halls and the like.
Being on Azeroth again is the best part - this is where most expansions should be.
Talent changes are great - as we arent forced to choose just from a few spec choices and can go back to how it used to be, but improved.

Never be concerned. Blizzard will always make amazing expansions. Players just need to slow down and enjoy those expansions without expecting everything to be faster/easy.

I miss when WOW was an MMORPG - where players had to EARN things. Boosts and speeding up leveling I would love to see reversed.

If Dragonflight increased difficulty by 200-300% I would be soooooo happy. Not everyone rushes to the endgame to grind the same instances over and over and over. Many of us enjoy all activities in WOW.

Still, its WOW. They have never done anything horrible since launch. Whenever they change something, we just have to adjust and keep playing.

Dragonflight FTW!!! I want to ride a dragon while in dragon-form and with a dragon pet and hunter dragon companion. That would be cool lol.


I like many of the decisions made for the coming expansion. I am curious to see more about the profession changes. Mostly because the current design choice (which I think is a very good route to go) feels mostly geared towards how the armor professions (tailoring, leatherworking, and blacksmithing) currently exist. The other professions (especially engineering) don’t seem to offer much in their current form that would benefit from a work order system. Thinking about reasons for this is likely due to how those professions either don’t have any viability for older recipes or as in the case with engineering, are locked behind owning the profession for use. I guess all this to say: how will the new system apply to the consumable professions?


Love it all I’m in… nice almost 20 years I’ve sat here living through the continued changes some not so great some very great… nice to see this direction… 5 stars


I enjoyed it but it should have been titled World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight Brief Overview because there wasn’t actually a lot of depth to it. So many things weren’t talked about.


9.2.5 will probably help a little, though it may not be enough to hold people over

Do we get reforging?

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