World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight Deep Dive

World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight Deep Dive

Join a full panel of World of Warcraft developers in this deep dive as they take you into the Dragon Isles and share insights about the new lands to explore, the creatures you’ll meet, and take you deeper into the various systems and changes that will come with the expansion.

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When are they remaking the Drakthyr race, that was just a placeholder model right?



  • Large open zones again.
  • Dragon riding looks like fun as long as we’re not clicking to flap wings.
  • It’s a departure from recent storylines.
  • Cross faction play.
  • Talent revamp.
  • Professions having a more meaningful identity.


  • Work order system looks like something that will be botted like crazy.
  • Cross faction play doesn’t go far enough. Faction divides are so 2005.
  • No housing, and if we didn’t get it this time it’s never going to happen.
  • We’re on Azeroth again, but still really leaving known Azeroth behind.
  • The needed talent revamp will turn into an overly complicated system.

I feel it’s still a long way off as the details were pretty sparse, and it sounds like the Alpha may be quite a bit far in the future.


I know this is pre-Alpha, but man these dragon models are not it.


I really wished you guys would have touched on the new expansion system progression system even if at a high level. You know that “systems” have largely been seen as a negative thing to be endured with and had you planned to scrap them, you would have said so and had it be a huge win.

We all know that you are going to continue them and what most of us really care about is how impactful and/or limiting will they be to your overall experience. I was one too who defended (and still would) having things like covenants be restricted but even someone likes me still wants an idea what I’ll be expecting to deal with.


I am sooooooo looking forward to this expansion because DRAGONS!!! The fact I’ll be able to actually play a dragon makes it the best already!! I am super excited for the talent trees! This expansion reveal has brought excitement back to WoW for me!! And thank you for not killing the watcher in the cinematic!


Instant turn off to the Expansion since Dragons can only be Evokers. Blizz learned nothing since their Exodus. Incoming Flop.


Very excited to see a return to Azeroth and a full pallet of colors! Was so tired of Fel Green and Death Gray.

Please let the Drac’thyr have other classes beside evoker! Don’t pidgeon hole them to just one!


I’d just like to take a moment to say



i see the hook in that worm this time Blizz, i’ma let that bait sail down stream thanks.


While I like how blizzard did the hero class but it like an iceberg it not what you see that worries you it what you can’t see is the problem.


i agree, it’s bad that they didn’t show us the entire game today.

relax, people. we got ducks. we’re good for a while.


I do agree it is kind of weird. But, there is so much more to experience than just that. Can’t just write it off cause you don’t like one thing.


While I am not very impressed with the look of the race. I would like to say some positives somewhere… I only seen tidbits of action for the new class evoker and I thought it overall looked interesting. That’s why I went after customization so hard because I have the potential of missing out as it is locked to one race…? That decision is a bit of a weird choice too but back to positives.

I think the new class looks like it can be fun enough to play. I seen some gameplay with gliding? but not flying? I thought that looked interesting too. I can tell they are really trying to step up some gameplay here and I think that is a great thing. :partying_face: I also appreciated no subliminal messaging in the trailer. Could’ve had some fun destruction going it’s just I don’t want the other subject tacked onto it was all… anyways points for addressing that and not repeating SLs trailer.

So a couple of nice things. I can tell they are making the gliding aspect and new class for us to have some fun. I didn’t see much of the zones yet… if they were actually on display…


As soon as worgen gets tails plus ducks then we can say we are good.


we never touched systems or class fixes in the slightest,
what the new borrowed power gimmick?
if there isnt one how will classes like DH survive when they were designed around having it?

what classes are going to get their covenant ability cooked in wile others get tossed aside?

will there be more than 2 staff members in charge of balance this xpac?

will we actually get changes if needed? or just another 3 patches of cut content for a fix last tier after everyone quits?

are the devs listening, or just chanting that they’re listening to drown us out?


It was an expansion reveal for an expansion that is likely a year away.

Did you really think all of your questions were going to be answered today? Especially something like “who gets to keep their covenant abilities??”


Massively disappointed that y’all restricted the new race and class into just one thing.

If you don’t like Dracthyr, you can’t play Evoker. If you don’t like Evoker, you can’t play Dracthyr.

Y’all should at least let us get those new Drakonid models as a new, playable race with access to more classes.

I don’t know why y’all think it’s a great idea to make the premier expansion feature so restrictive.

(Btw, love dragons but never wanted to play a gangly caster one. Hoping for my D&D-esque Dragonborn Warrior.)


no it was a showcase of fancy coin terms to get you to buy, we got nothing really, you know a new term now, but you know nothing about it, or what it means, but boy do you feel special saying it!


I am excited.
I hope that the new raid won’t start in two weeks of the expansion drop and we players can take the time to explore (how many times was that word used in the presentation?) and poke around. The zones look huge and wonderful, I want to find, discover and use a favorite fishing spot or NPC to hang around with or waterfall with the secret cave.