World First race

So I goto the main page… no leader board…nope… look to see if Blizzard is directing people to watch any of the guilds live streaming…nope

Look to see if Blizzard has any dev interviews about the philosophy behind an encounter and the lore live on any twitch stream…nope

Does Blizzard not understand people actually watch these world first race and they need to stop being on the sidelines?

How about an incentive like World First gets priority on the next Q&A with Ion for a question? 14 years and you guys have not figured out how to market this to people.

Clearly you know how to do it with something like Blizzcon but the most interesting race in content you have noone would ever know it is even happening right now.

Red Bull, Discord, MSI and Zippo have clearly understood this because they are advertising and reaching a large gaming audience through your game.


Making it a sponsored event from Blizzard is a legal, logistical and personnel nightmare. No one knows how long it will take. Raid breaking bugs would allow further behind teams an advantage unfairly. Bosses have a tendency to need on-the-fly tuning. It’s not like the MDI where the dungeons have been mostly debugged and tuned for a few months. Mythic KJ took like a week and a half or something to get down and they were raiding like 12 hours a day. Can you imagine the nightmare of trying to make a competition around that?

Blizzard is making the smart choice to stay completely out of it.


Haha, good one.


Every suggestion I made keeps Blizzard out of it and is literally the minimum effort required. They seem to have no issue with esports and promoting it for Mythic or pvp in other games but for WoW they pretend like World first is just blehhhh.

They could easily have a page on the front page of WoW with everything I listed and it would not hurt a single thing.


It’s a slippery slope. They want it to be a 100% community event. They said so at they last Blizzcon. As soon as they start making perks for it they’ve gotten involved and the way this community is, something negative is probably going to come out of it.


After the Diablo fiasco I think the only priority on questions is “Get all of these questions to whoever sorts them out first priority to sort out the most ineffective, innocent ones to answer”

The VAST majority don’t care about who kills what first.


Given all the talk surrounding Uldir World’s First Race regarding horde bias I think it is most wise that Blizzard stay out of it. Also, in one of the early (first?) BfA Q&A sessions, Ion talked about the fact that Blizzard wants players to maintain control of it since it has always been a player organized activity. Imagine the complaining if blizzard took it over. It would be like all the “Blizzard took away my choices” posts we have seen here already.

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Blizzard does not officially support the world first race. If anything they are most likely not fans of people crushing their raids in 2 weeks. If you are interested in it then you most likely already know how and where to find the info you want.


I think it’s fine the way it is, let the players run it as they see fit.

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Normally I would agree but multiple other companies who clearly have marketing departments understand a channel that gets upwards of 60,000 viewers regularly is a good place place to be.

Everyone is not reading my post because nowhere am I suggesting Blizzard take it over but they should support it.

Clearly they have no issue with sites like Raider IO and creating what amounts to a esports around that monstrosity so why not make a simple link where it can be tracked easier and promoted.

I am telling you right now people are watching what Method is doing and learning.

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World first died years ago no one cares.


I mean, they do support it in a sense. Ion even said in the last interview he’s looking forward to watching it. But you’re one of the very few people I’ve heard say they should “support” world first like this.

Tons of people claim that this game is all about esports now. M+ are designed for e-sports now apparently (still not seeing it). If Blizz decided to partake in world first stuff, people would be rising up to say every future raid is designed for WF race.

So, meh. Doesn’t phase me either way personally. The people doing it are doing it regardless of Blizz’s “support”.


I think they only really need to do one thing - open mythic at the same time for all so there is an even playing field.


Encouraging people to join a specific zone, hence creating too much traffic causing the server crash is an account banable offense.
Swifty got his account banned for doing this.

If only timezones weren’t a thing :stuck_out_tongue:

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Blizzard should be interested. I just watched part of the Method World First Race commentary and heard the hosts gleefully stating how “just” 4 alliance guilds were now in the top pack. I think they said out of 29 guilds. They also seemed to suggest “why the hell would you not be horde”. Almost but not quite laughing at Alliance.

It felt like yet another “You’re welcome Alliance moment”
Consciously and unconsciously Blizzard are letting Alliance slowly grind to a halt.


They are interested, they just do not officially support it. Also lol at making this into another “alliance dying over this” post.


Who cares about some world first crap it is a game play your game don’t care about others.

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Raiding is the end game so I think it is important to have multiple perspectives on the state of it.

Not sure you realize but Blizzard buffs and nerfs based on what these guys are doing so yes it does affect you. Blizzard hotfixed a buff to Jaina while this race was going on because they saw certain phases going down too fast.