World Buffs Fix Needed with Layering ASAP

Edit: Today two Onyxia buffs went out on 2 layers at the same time on my server, it is not true that it puts it on cooldown for the other layer - can anyone else confirm similar experience?

World buffs for raids are now extremely difficult, if not impossible to coordinate for raids due to layers.

You need to either make it so that cities are all on the same shared layer or that world buffs affect all layers.

Currently, if someone drops a world buff (Onyxia head, Head of Nefarian) for Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer, it will buff one layer, but not the other.
What is much worse, is that the layer that didn’t receive the buff still has the cooldown of 6 hours and 8 hours on the heads before that layer can receive the buff!!

This makes absolutely zero sense. If you don’t receive the buff on your layer, it should not put the 6 or 8 hour cooldown on the head turn-in.

A huge, huge, segment of the population that play your game play to raid. Raid buffs are quintessential to raiding in Classic WoW. The coordination and dedication it requires to get 40 people fully raid buffed is insane. The players had worked it out amongst themselves to coordinate the dropping of Onyxia & Nef heads, with exact scheduled times - you have messed it all up with layering.


  1. Make it so that all layers receive world buffs when they are turned in
  2. Make it so that all cities are on the same layer
  3. Remove the cooldown on turning in / receiving world buffs, or at least make it so that both layers are not put on cooldown.
  4. Make it possible for players to know which layer they are on - a simple label of “Layer 1” or “Layer 2” will enable coordination of world buffs (eg. “Be on layer 1 at 7:45pm for Nef head”)

You need to do something ASAP out of these 4 options, or you are going to anger a huge majority of your player base that raid

I understand that reintroducing layering was not an easy decision to make - you need to address this issue that layering has caused ASAP

Thank you


Better solution, remove layering. It never should have come back in the first place.


I assume / hope that they will remove layers as soon as they can.

In the meantime, they need to fix this world buffs issue - we cannot raid for months with this ‘error’, unable to coordinate world buffs across the server

If they keep layering in, they need to fix this ASAP


Come on now really? NO RAIDING AT ALL NOW BECUASE OF WORLD BUFFS. That’s a bit much.


When I say ‘cannot’ I do not mean literally cannot.

In the same way that you cannot get married with your foot caught in a bear trap - you totally can, but would you want to?

Wouldn’t you want to not have your foot in the bear trap?


You don’t need the world buffs, at all. Its really only people who want to parse, and that is laughable in itself in classic. You’ll be alright having to raid for a few more mins without them.


Of course you don’t need world buffs.

What’s the point of raiding if you’re not trying to parse?

You are trying to tell players who enjoy raiding & parsing to not enjoy it. You can play the game how you like, and we can play the game how we like

You haven’t even raided MC / BWL… opinion discarded


Here’s an idea, kind of an experiment. Go make a thread complaining about how difficult ZG and BWL are. Ask Blizzard to nerf them because they are far too difficult for an average player to complete.

Once you have done that, sit back and watch the endless stream of people telling you how much of a joke the content is in terms of difficulty. When you are done reading page after page of jokes and insults at your expense, think about how necessary world buffs really are.


No one is claiming that you need world buffs in order to clear content.

We want to be able to get world buffs in Classic, as intended, in order to speed clear & parse in content.

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Meh, would trade 2.5 hour ques and missing raids for ony buffs any day.


If you’re all in the same raid doesn’t it force you into the same layer? Just form the raid-group before Ony/Nef buff goes out.

Why does it have to be one or the other?
You can have layering / not have queues, and still get Rallying Cry / ZG buff


I agree that there needs to be some some solution to this. One of the big reasons people enjoy PVE content is because its their once chance a week to parse and get their name on some leaderboards. This has nearly been removed for most of the players as its difficult to coordinate buffs across layers. I personally think buffs should just go across all layers, and not the specific one its used on.

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It is a 6-8 hour cooldown, so on raid days it requires coordinating with other raids where they will get the 1:45pm Onyxia head, 10:45am Nefarian head, in order to ensure a 7:45pm Onyxia / Nef head off of cooldown
(this is an example)

There is nothing to indicate that you are on the ‘wrong’ layer between other guilds — normally there are literally >10 guilds waiting in Orgrimmar at 7:45pm for the buff to go out at the scheduled time

If there was no CD on the heads dropping, then this would be the easy solution (what you said)

did people not think about this before begging for layers?
i feel sorry for the hardcore guilds getting warchiefs as alli. :smiley:

If you’re in the wrong layer, what is then stopping you from using your own head turn-in? I know very well all the coordination required, but as long as your raid group is all together and the buff didn’t go out…contact the guy who was supposed to drop the head. If it did in-fact go out, then there is no harm at all in just using your own head in your layer.

I wouldn’t anticipate this type of feature work to be implemented for the temporary fix of turning on the already developed feature of layering as a temporary measure to address the massive spike in concurrent users online during the global pandemic we are currently experiencing.

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Because for whatever reason, the cooldown on the turn-in to give the buff exists on the layer that didn’t receive the buff
So if you’re on the ‘wrong’ layer, you don’t receive the buff when it’s turned in, and you also cannot turn one in yourself as it’s on the 6-8 hour cooldown (even though your layer didn’t get the buff)

(Solution #3 would address this)

Out of the 4 options they have that would fix this, at least 1 of them is feasible

How do you know what is feasible for the dev team right now?

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If everyone is following the cross guild coordination then zero layers should have the head on cool down because no one really knows what layer they are on.

If it did go out, you should be able to see the head on the stake and layer-swap the whole raid. It takes some hoops to jump through, but if you need your buffs that bad…then the hoops arnt really that bad.