Working on updating my UI

I’m about 1.5 xpac since the last time I updated my UI. I need some help in setting up some items.

Action bars, I have the left side of my keyboard showing on my screen, simply because I can never remember (based on alts’ class / spec choices) what I have bound to each key. I think I flubbed a couple of keybinds, because I want action bar 1 to be able to page to 4 and 5. I assume that’s just resetting three Shift+# keybinds (1 4 5). (AB 4 is my profession buttons. AB 5 is for fluff; e.g., face pets / toys.)

I am using Elvui, but I’m not figuring out how to get it to page. Nor adding conditions like “switch 4 to 1 if combat happens.”

Bags, I’ve tried Elvui’s, but didn’t like it. I like Bagnon’s (definitely because the sort is SO much faster), but can no longer see selected currencies. Is there a sub-addon for currencies?

Reputation Bars, I’m using this addon, but unable to get it to keep constant display of selected reputations. It used to work, now it doesn’t.

Diminished vision aids. Is there something that will tone down friendly spell effects? If not for GTFO, I would be dancing in the fire. In group content, I can’t see through the barrage of spells.

I’m sure more will come up…

I prefer Bartender to ElvUI’s bars. Either way you’re looking for Action Bar Paging or similar settings.

Personally I disable that stuff and use macro modifiers. nomod: primary, alt: secondary/self-cast, shift: tertiary, shift+alt or ctrl etc for additional.

With regards to the vision stuff, you can drop Spell Detail and many ally abilities should automatically be muted. Also, ensure you always have Projected Textures enabled.

Hitting 50 this month, and my hands aren’t as agile as they used to be. I tried the whole “run a whole priority fron three keys with modifiers,” and it was hard enough when I was 45. :slight_smile:

You should be able to track currencies with data texts in ElvUI if you’re okay with that i your setup.