Worgen Tails & You

How am I supposed to verify that this isn’t fan made, and someone just threw a Blizzard copyright line on it?

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That may well be…but my understanding was that one instance of it getting by the ‘cleansing’ was a non-issue, and certainly not enough to garner negative comments or official rebuttals from Blizzard. It was readers of the book that pointed it out after the fact.

That’s the whole point of what I’m saying. Blizzard has not seen fit to have any character in the comics, books or in the game ever ask “say…isn’t it strange that Worgen are infused with pretty much every physical attribute of a canine except the tail?”, and get an answer to that question. Therefor, there is no official lore.

I apologize if you feel singled out. Because this is a public forum, I used my reply to you as a means to explain to everyone that “but…but…but the LORE!” is a weak excuse to preclude Worgen tails as a future cosmetic option.

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I can’t see tails looking good on a worgen character model at all. It would just look weird. If worgen got optional tails, I would never put one on any of my worgen toons.

Some of us think Worgen “look weird” without them…but we’re also saying it should only be an option, so that players like yourself can do without.

It’s good that opinions vary; everyone thinking the same way would be boring.

There used to be a “Blizzard Art” page on the battle.net website that hosted those pieces of art, but it’s no longer there. However, Wei Wang is one of their most prolific conceptual artists, and he did those two particular works for them back in 2009, before Cataclysm was released in late 2010.

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ht tps://twitter.com/weiwangart/status/1020692004852850694?lang=ga

Thats right from the artist twitter page. I dont think fan artist can edit his twitter…

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Do not necro. Redirect to the current thread. Give Worgen Tails


Utterly strange, considering the rest of the character is just a complete bipedal wolf.
You realize wolves have tails, right? Worgen look completely goofy without tails.
We’re advocating adding a tail option, by the way. You wouldn’t be forced to have a tail on your character if you didn’t want one.


I agree with the Dingle Berry infested Worgen.

Wow its almost as if I acknowledged that they would probably be optional or something!

Worgen aren’t bipedal wolves. Bipedal wolves would have the exact same anatomy as a regular wolf, but they would just walk on two legs.

Worgen are anthropomorphic wolves. They have mostly human anatomy but kind of wolf-ified. For example, regular wolves don’t have bewbs. Regular wolves don’t have human arms and hands.

I was just expressing my opinion on the matter. I’m not saying everyone has to feel the same way I do. It’s fine if you think they look goofy without tails, I couldn’t care less. I just think they look fine without them. Why? Because it’s my opinion. I’m not saying my opinion is a fact.


Worgen ARE bipedal wolves.
Anthropomorphic is a lot broader a concept than whatever deviant art or furaffinity or whatever told you.
Worgen don’t have human arms or hands. Look at them.
Yes it’s weird that the females only have one pair of primate-style mammaries. Chalk it up to character design sex (ugh) appeal, i guess.

Give Worgen tails.

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I made a pledge to post in every tail thread I saw, shouting out my support for the idea, so… here I am!
Tails for worgen~!

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are worgen tails the new high elf threads

where there’s like 3 on the front page at all times :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


swishes tail

Someone doesn’t realize how hard it is to maintain these. You try washing blood and innards of enemies out of it… After that, it’s takes just as long to comb and brush it.

Sand isn’t a big deal, I’m used to that, but it can get cumbersome.

How very kind of the bearded beer barrel to say so!

Sure…but would you really want to go without one?

Seems to be…either way I wouldn’t mind a tail on my worgen alts…
Would fluffybuns need a new name if he had a tail though?

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There’s a reason why we have tails of our ancestors hanging on our caravans.

Imagine the tail wagging when they /flirt.


at least the joy of seeing someone would be visible :wolf:

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With the way the alliance got screwed for allied races and racials in general i’m all for this. IRON FORGE IS FOR THE DWARVES! er, i mean GIVE WORGEN TAILS!

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Lol with how badly ally got shafted I swapped to horde. Dark Iron were the only good AR and then you guys got nerffed hard :joy:

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