With near universal approval can we get a response about dual spec please

All you have provided is #nochanges, which even blizzard doesn’t consider a valid reason in TBC Classic.

He’s just rude to people want it. That’s all. Probably just add that to the reasons I want it, so that rude folks like him don’t get their way.

I have not said “no changes”…

It’s a little late for that, the game right now doesn’t have dual spec…so…I win I guess?

And why was no dual spec at launch?

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Hey, was this done at launch?

I’m pretty sure the release date for TBC Classic was June 1st. Looks like that post is dated for June 24th.

Your right, they made a change, guess we should add lfr, transmog, garrisons, lfd, artifact weapons, azerite powers, all to tbc, because they made a change to make!

You do realize your argument is the slippery slope fallacy right?

Your saying that because they made a change, it means they should make more changes…

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What are all these things? They sound pretty cool! Maybe we can also add dog people to the game since you like to make posts on one. I’d be up for it. You should make a post and I’ll add a like to it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

good thing nobody is getting punished for “simply wanting to play the game”.


Actually no, that is the argument you are making, the actual argument you don’t seem to understand is that #nochanges is no longer a valid argument.

So you should probably make an actual argument against dual spec.

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The arguments against it have been given, you refusing to even read them doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

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What is the chief argument against it?

Noone can provide any real argument besides #nochanges, which is not considered a valid argument by blizzard.

But hey if you can come up with one please do.

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Punishing players for wanting top play the game has never worked and its not going to work. Why do you want a dead game?

They came up with a boost and a mount that can be sold for real money but they are not giving us dual spec.

No fun allowed.

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This might be related:

It is inherently against the intended experience of TBC.

This is not a #nochanges argument.

That’d be like saying that being against adding death knights to TBC would be a #nochanges argument.

It simply was not meant to exist in the TBC landscape and affects the gameplay of TBC, making it ineligible for what it is being advertised as, a faithful recreation.




Just because you can’t parse the difference between no changes and arguments that are not no changes doesn’t obligate us to hold your hand and teach you.

If you think about it long enough, you might figure it out. Or you won’t and we still won’t care enough to teach you.


Feel free to provide an argument against dual spec that isn’t #nochanges or a complete figment of your imagination.