With Final Fantasy Surpassing WoW

So you think that what I want is for Retail WoW to die?

no you just dont ever explain how to fix it

name 10 things on how to fix it

I was never asked on what to do to fix it. Nor would I even entertain attempting to explain anything thats already been discussed in the Alpha.

so you can never ever explain 10 things then

I can. Again, I choose not to. I’ll give you 1 instead. You can start here.

so you as an individual cant state 10 things right now to fix WoW. but link a beyond out dates post. cuz that post as of today is all wrong. stop being a parrot and list 10 things right now to fix WoW.

Thanks for proving my point

what point? you never made one? you cant list 10 things to fix WoW right now but post a old thread thats out of date

Stopped here. Sorry. You’re too dumb to have any kind of constructive conversation with about anything.

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10k post zero points

nice name calling cuz you cant answer any question

Sorry, what is out of date?

the post is

Yes, I am the original creator of the thread so i’m asking what about the post is out of date?

the post you cant see the date on it

What about the contents of the post is now no longer true?

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ff14 being better

pick and chose to break it down compare to ff14

im waiting