With all the queues, wouldn't

Wouldn’t it be prudent to purge bots so more slots will be available to real players?


Are there still queues?

There are no queues and there aren’t nearly as many bots as people think.

I dunno, thursday I tried to play and had a 2 1/2 queue for herod. Surely not everyone in there is legit.

They turned layering on on Friday afternoon.

The CCP would love to employ you.

Yes, banning bots and multiboxers should have been the first step Blizzard took. Should have.

Let me guess, you’re a #nochanger.

Let me guess, you’re not.

Little bit late now, isn’t it, friend?

there were always going to be changes, lol at anyone who though blizz would use 2004 server hardware

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Little bit late to prefer no changes? Of course not, why do you say that?

Cool, better than nothing.

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Blizzard wont purge them. More bots means more subscriptions

‘Cuz Boo be trollin’… :rofl:

Well then you are against banning multiboxers
I mean being that they were in WoW from day 1 and Blizzard has never banned them for simply multiboxing, banning them would be a huge very unvanilla like change.

Got no problem banning bots, i have a problem with players deciding what is a bot, especially since several times i have gotten the blizz logo chat box asking Hello; i am game master XYZ, do you have a moment?

Because someone decides i am a bot, because farming mats is boring, so i am either in guild chat, or discord, and im not paying attention to world chat it is in its own tab, i got the dumb chat bubbles turned off and wowIM is on mute so i’m ignoring your whispers.

I mean get real, who bot farms on a resto druid anyway?
And yet i have gotten enough reports for someone to pay attention

You do you, don’t worry about others.

Here’s a couple posts that may provide some insight:

I think it’s pretty obvious that Blizzard doesn’t want bots in their games.

If you want to eliminate bots in a week.
Do not buy WOW gold, or what ever other nonsense they offer.

they pay the same as you do.