Are bots not banned anymore?

They do, all the time. It’s an ongoing effort. Please report what you can.


didn’t you just post this?

Report and move on. Let Blizzard do their thing. They don’t work on YOUR timetable, but they do take action.


You don’t exterminate vermin by killing them one at a time, you follow them for a while, figure out what makes them tick, and wipe thousands at once.


By now cant they see the same route of a character taken over and over again?

Ya they deleted my last post.

after 14 years they still cant figure out how to see Bots taking the same path over and over again.

And you know this how?


We’ve fought them for years, we’ll continue to fight them. As long as people give these criminals cash for gold, items, runs, etc., - they’ll never disappear, they have a vested interest in returning, much like cockroaches.

I appreciate the different tone in this post over your last, thank you.


That’s not how it works and shows a lack of understanding on your part. They study the programming so they can break it. Also, a lot of people who gather develop routes that some think could make them bots. Should be ban them too?


because they’re doing the same thing day after day…

you’d only know that if you were watching them doing it day after day. Some could mistake you for a bot

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Because you made false claims and also brought up the recent suspensions for exploiting. Read the forum Code of Conduct.

They do ban bots. Usually in waves that also break the bot functionality. Bot makers make new bots and the cycle starts all over again.

It is never going to end as long as people can use them for an advantage. Some people just love to cheat.


Again, How do you know Blizzard is not aware of it?

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Why wouldn’t you have a GM watching these key areas see the Same “exact” route taking every time. whisper they guy… no response and then hit the delete button on his account?

That does not necessarily prove it is a bot program, normal players could easily take the same route. There is more to looking for a bot program then watching.


Anyone can tell if someone is a bot or not… a human cant do the same exact route every time. Human error with turning. only a program can.

Do realize how inefficient that is? GM checkpoints don’t work, they tried that on Moon Guard, and it failed spectacularly.


You don’t know some farmers…hell, I do that too when I zone out to farm for herbs.


If Blizzard needs to ban a single bot, they need to:

  • Verify it’s a bot
  • Identify the gold-moving network
  • Repatriate, or remove, the gold
  • Action the accounts purchasing the gold
  • Contact financial institutions to return money
  • Suspend the account & contact legitimate account holders
  • Restore accounts to pre-compromise status

When a gold seller needs to move on to another account, they need to;

  • Pull account credentials out of their database
  • Charge a stolen credit card

Like i’m Standing here on Island of Thunder with a hundred druids all with the same greens level 110. all doing the same route. and you guys dont think they’re all bots?

They may very well be bots. The thing is you can’t 100% prove it. Just report them and move on.

Blizzard researches the bog programming, figures out how to break it, then issues a mass wave of suspensions. They also take legal actions against bot makers when they can. Those legal actions require both the research and the consistent stance of enforcing rules.


you really aren’t listening. They need to study the programming so they can break the bot. Otherwise they are just playing whack-a-mole. And they just go onto their next account and keep doing it