Wintergrasp keeps crashing

five crashes in a single game already…



In this game we had basically everyone crashing all over the place. People would say they were crashing like 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times. I crashed roughly 7 times. Frame rate would get extremely bad when fighting in large groups, but even when I was away by myself, I guess it would cause all of Wintergrasp to crash, so everyone went down. Can’t say what exactly it was tied to as it just happened randomly.


Error #132 0x85100084 fatal exception. Process ID 1704, thread ID 3080, Exception: access_violation. The instruction at 0x00007ff61fd84b5a referenced memory at 0xfffffffffffffffffffff The memory could not be read.

Some of the errors I got were memory could not be written as well, however.


I believe this is their attempt at stress testing their crash ticket system.

This is insane I can’t even log back in without crashing

Just played this on an alt on WRA and same thing, although my crashes got to 11. My whole team crashed out at the same time.

I can’t believe WG hasn’t been disabled on retail with the thousands of crash reports blizz has received. Even if it’d take time to fix, just turn the BG off so we don’t get it from random epic queues.


I was wondering what someone was referencing when they said they just got out of a WG and they won’t be queueing any random epics until it gets fixed.
First random epic BG of this patch, I queue and get WG. Crashed within one minute of joining, and then four times back-to-back (one time I was barely logged in when it happened) before grabbing deserter.
Was this somehow magically not happening in beta? There is no excuse for this to be queueable right now. Honestly, what the truck?

Wintergrasp specifically just doesn’t function. It crashes at least 7 times for the whole team. All the other epic BGs work perfectly fine.

Why not disable wintergrasp until it’s fixed???




Just came out of Wintergrasp where i lost count of how many times i crashed. Just trying to get the weekly done :frowning:

Thought it was me.

We got a blue response. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon.


Oh sweet summer child.


It really is bad. I thought maybe after the extra maintenance it would have been fixed but it has not.

Maybe take the BG out of rotation until it is fixed?

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Yep, every time a tower goes down, ERROR #132


They obviously dont care about fixing it as long as we keep paying them. Maybe Elon will buy Blizzard and fire everyone

Still just broken AF… if they aren’t going to bother fixing it, they need to remove it from the queue.

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Was going to create one, but found this one. It is still bad, multiple crashes to desktop across a couple of games. I suggest remove this BG from random Q. Until then, I specific Q which isn’t quite as fun as rollin the dice and not knowing what BG I am getting. Thanks!

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Thank god, I was afraid my Laptop was dying. It’s just Blizzard breaking something that’s like ten years old.

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Still happening tonight… multiple crashes. 5+ times. unplayable… First crash didn’t happen till about 4 minutes in then it happened repeatedly over and over…