Wintergrasp keeps crashing

I got kicked out twice while at a graveyard and kicked out of the bg.
Never sit at a graveyard when you are in a bg even if its when you are talking sh*t. Quickly gives you a deserter debuff way faster than doing anything in the middle of the road.

Couldn’t leave the graveyard because I was dead and it happened twice, I stopped to ask a question to the raid for a moment when alive and got booted out.

Blizzard doesn’t love us. If this is still so buggy imagine how buggy the new xpack is going to be. It’s like playing a private server. Maps, action bars, unit frames, raid frames, all break randomly.

If Blizzard isn’t going to fix Wintergrasp they should at least stop letting us get into the bg. AT LEAST

I’d do this except you don’t get nearly as much rewards for wins or losses this way D:

Specific queue can be 2+ hours and never pop. Random queue is already at least 45 minutes.

I forgot about that. Damn. You’re right.
Plus everytime you leave your computer for a short time or tab out and get focused on something else thats when the que usually does pop. Doesn’t help that with windows 11 when my game icon glows orange to tell me que popped it is no longer a potent orange, it’s similar to a dying nightlight with orange hue.
I hate Ashran so much but when I finally got it over Wintergrasp it was like a bresh of fresh air and felt like I could finally chill. Wonder what blizzard is doing since they don’t even have it listed in their list of errors they are aware of.
They must hire people off the street or something I guess, that or they have a extremely chill-no pressure-take your time-relax-just show up work enviorment.

The crash is very specific. For each tower, when first damaged it will crash everyone. Then when the tower is brought down every one is crashed. Total 6 crashes per WG match. If you only see 5 it is because you were logging in when it crashed.

Probably a sound file missing in the package. I hope they fix it soon.

It’s still crashing. Just crashed twice on me and game has never crashed before.