Windwalker is Looking Incredibly Doomed for 10.2

With 10.2 finally releasing, seeing that WW has received virtually 0 tuning changes is quite concerning.

Preliminary sims show the spec being ~5% behind some of the next worst specs, and 10-15% behind the average. This is also in a purely completely Best-In-Slot gear setup, where some spec sims do not include the massive damage increase from the new Helmet enchant. The spec is just completely garbage tier tuning wise currently. A near 20% aura buff would just push it into middle-of-the-pack.

But don’t forget that this awful tuning comes paired with a bad tier set and bad overall gameplay. The tierset you essentially ignore gameplay-wise and is a downgrade compared to the Abberus tierset gameplay. Don’t forget that we still are forced to use Faeline Stomp, one of the clunkiest abilities to play as a WW.

I’m usually a player that can cope about WW to some degree. But for 10.2, there are no redeeming features for this spec currently. Relatively speaking, its ST is better compared to its horrendous AoE. It just serves no purpose anywhere.

The only positive thing I can say about this spec is that its 100% guaranteed to get buffed with these numbers.


They still have a week before the season launches, but if nothing changes, I’ll prog as rogue and that’s a damn shame.


The really unfortunate part with WW is that it will seem “okay” week 1 of raid. But then when we hit a massive ilvl increase due catalyst and AOTC achievements, the class immediately goes into the gutter.


Would really like to see some changes, at minimum some sort of aura buff but realistically buffs/changes to talents that allow us to branch out from the restrictive FLS playstyle. Certain talents like Bonedust Brew are not viable in ST scenarios largely due to the talents that path into them, leaving us with this pseudo-rune of power playstyle that was removed from mages for being too restrictive.


We’ll get 5% aura in the next week and suffer at the bottom of the barrel for 3-4 months. Then finally get random buffs equivalent to 15% on top of that in 10.2.5 making us mid or slightly below mid for the rest of the season.

It’s just the same cycle every .1 and .x.5 patch onward


Really surprised at the radio silence…


don’t worry, we will get a 5% buff to something in a few weeks…


dont let us die like this blizzard, revert the nerfs you gave us before the expac launched


At this point it’s unlikely that would be enough to hold us in a good spot with the bigger jump in ilvl.


It appears that class design is still an area where Blizzard stubbornly holds to their own personal vision and preferences over and against player preferences and feedback. If a class/spec is fulfilling the intended design goal then that class is “fine.” It doesn’t matter how fun or even advisable that design goal is. As long as the class/spec accomplishes that goal then no changes are needed.

Monks and mages are two classes where I think major, fundamental changes are needed to every spec. However, both classes (and all their specs) seem to be accomplishing whatever silly design goal Blizzard has for them, so changes are unlikely.

Basically, if Blizzard thinks a class/spec is working as intended you can forget about changes regardless of what evidence you produce. They still haven’t learned that classes are the primary way we interact with the game.

Are the servers up yet?


Yes they are :slight_smile:

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WW is unplayable mr blizzard!


It’s clear that we’re going to fall off a cliff once we get a decent ilvl jump. Hopefully they acknowledge this and make a change sooner rather than later. Just wanna roll my bear around and kick people in the face /sadge


I might purple monk (havoc) this season I guess. Lame.


The state of WW has made me unsub, sadly. Played through some pretty jank tiers before but this is a new level. At least before when WW wasn’t fairing so well I could at least claim I was having fun, but now the spec, especially with the new tier set, is extremely anti-fun. No word from Blizzard and nothing at all to indicate they have desire or ability to fix the spec. Being a diehard WW main actually feels like emotional abuse from Blizzard at this point. You’re basically Harry Potter locked in a cupboard under the stairs while other classes get to eat birthday cake every day. I’m out


Agree on a %buff coming soon but it is gonna make no change and the spec will prob stay bottom for the rest of DF. If this tier set is brought into season 4 then WW will be this bad for another year. Fun wise I still don’t understand why Blizzard decided to keep FLS instead of WoO for ST.


Planning to mw with ww offspec but I’m a bit worried that I might be better off mw and having a dps alt.


Once again asking to please shift power out of FLS into other components of the spec as the playstyle is restricting and goes against the class fantasy of WW. Taking one of the most historically mobile specs and constantly confining them to a small patch of the arena is neither fun nor intuitive, and the constant refreshing of the buff causes severe button bloat which stems a plethora of other issues. Blizzard themselves said that they agreed WDP was too low damage for the effort, and buffed it to the point where a conditional 24s CD button is equivalent in power to blackout kick.


Once again I’m coming here with the heartfelt request for literally any crumb of developer acknowledgment to the problems facing this specialization. I’m not sure how much more clear we could be over the last recent weeks and months about how unfun this coming season’s set design and the overall tuning of the class has been. It is absolutely not fun to have our one and only DPS spec for this class to be underperforming at the level that it is, especially when we have done our best to communicate and suggest meaningful changes on a weekly basis during PTR, that would very quickly solve the under tuned and unfun aspects of play.

Please give us something to at least acknowledge that our concerns have been heard, and if necessary, explain to us if they aren’t valid. Right now every single simulation we have run points to us being ludicrously underpowered for the coming season ahead, and that is a profoundly discouraging place to be.


New WW Class Tuning:

  • Windwalker
    • Amirdrassil Tier Set: Blackout Reinforcement granted by melee abilities now occurs 66% more often and increases Blackout Kick damage by 200% (was 150%).

Wait, where are the rest of the changes…
This is actually another laughable change. This does nothing for the spec at the end of the day. This is like 2k to 3k dps MAX. The bottom end of dps sims are all being pushed up too. Windwalker will legit still be the very bottom and be behind by like 4-5%.

And that 2k to 3k dps is probably being generous. The extra procs can actually override each other, so we don’t even utilize all the procs that well should we get too many.

This spec really is going to be doomed this tier.