Windwalker Bugs in Season 2

(Most important) Storm, Earth and Fire Spirits do not benefit from the Dance of Chi-Ji Azerite Trait which lowers the damage it should do by ~55% during the cooldown.

Fury of Xuen has a tooltip bug which displays it at 2% per stack when in reality it is 1.5% per stack.

When gaining large amounts of haste via a proc (Fury of Xuen, Bloodlust, etc) you can run into situations where you will be unable to use Whirling Dragon Punch even though Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury are on cooldown

Mark of the Crane has some weird things going on with it where sometimes your spirits during Storm, Earth and Fire will apply the Mark of the Crane debuff but you won’t gain a stack for Spinning Crane Kick. Additionally you will very frequently not drop stacks of Mark of the Crane whilst only fighting 1 enemy for a large amount of time.


Flynn Fairwind: Completed island expeditions, now have Azertite collection, Fairwind has a yellow question mark to receive the Azerite, though repeatedly for a week now, the yellow question mark will not give me the Azerite reward.

Also, when you kill an enemy that had mark of the crane, sometimes (if not all of the time) you will keep your crane stacks it seems for over a minute? maybe more?

To add to this, radicaL3i in the Peak of Serenity explored what may be occurring with the haste-wdp bug. He mentions that the game is using the tooltip cooldown as the primary requirement for using WDP but it uses the actual CD on your action bar to let you use the ability. So if FoF has a tooltip CD of 15s but actual CD of 20s at point of casting (due to Fury of Xuen proc), then where there is 5 seconds left on FoF CD BoK won’t reduce it and WDP won’t be active.

Additionally it looks like Blizzard fixed the interaction between Gale Burst (The damage storing portion of Touch of Death) and Discharge Apetagonizer Core on the Grong encounter in Battle of Dazar’alor which lead to us getting a pretty nice DPS increase on it. But all of the bugs in the original post are still running rampant through the game. It makes the monk community upset and confused at why and where the bug fix priorities are.

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Bumping for an official reply to this.


Any updates here? I am still consistently seeing WDP ‘bug’. Could this be intentional functionality? It sure is not very intuitive if it is.

A response would be nice.

I noticed that during the volcanic/raging week we had like two weeks ago that Diffuse Magic didn’t seem to be working at all on the static shock ability of the caster boss during the first duo boss of Temple of Sethraliss (I haven’t been back to that dungeon this season yet to see if it was just bugging out that run or not though).

The boss was doing like 129k nature damage (was a 14 key) with the shock and ToK would block it correctly, but diffuse magic would just do nothing and I would still take most of my health in damage. The ability itself wasn’t outright bugged though as it worked on other bosses/magic abilties in the dungeon whenever I used it.