Windowed Mode - resizing quits WoW

Guess this still isn’t resolved? With one monitor, and many different activities taking place during standard play (including looking up information), resizing is common and required.

It’s been happening to me since 9.2 went live.

I have this exact issue.

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so very sad that this hasn’t been fixed. It’s more than annoying, it’s a real pita. If there were a lot more resolutions to choose from, it would help, but not solve. I often make the window smaller so I can use Safari or some other app. I keep forgetting and hanging up WoW. I’m very concerned for the ability of most programmers these days. This was broken with the 9.2 update.


Also having this issue as of 42917.

On a 16-inch 2019 Macbook Pro (Intel). Big Sur 11.6.5 with an AMD 5500M.

Can’t resize at all or I can’t click on the game at all. It still receives keyboard input, but I can’t click anywhere. Weirdest problem ever.

I have to force quit the game and start it again.

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I’ve also been having the same issue of crashing on a Mac when even touching the corner of the window. It sure would be nice to have this taken care of. Any Gamemaster around to let us know when a fix might be coming???

“already on the case to find a resolution”

  • I see what you did there.

This issue does seem to be unrelated to MacOS version. I have the same bug on Monterey 12.3.1 running on a Mac Studio, but it also showed up when running Catalina on my late 2013 iMac. Clicking the edge of the game window with the cursor, as if to resize the window causes the cursor to change from the resize icon back to the gauntlet, and immediately become unresponsive. I can move it, but cannot click on anything in the game window. The only solution is to quit the game from the top system menu.

Please follow up on this. Many of us play in windowed mode, and the default size options are limited. Thank you to Tiapriestess for posting a workaround.

I randomly decided to try playing in windowed mode and found I have this same issue. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a resolution yet, just don’t resize? Hopefully there’s a fix soon. Bookmarking for updates.
Device info: macOS Monterey 12.3.1 - iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2019) - 3 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5

I can’t believe this is still not resolved, nor any updates on this. I’m still using terminal to do chmods, which is not ok.
MbPro Retina 16", Monterey 12.3.1, 2.3GHz, 8 core i9.

I have found what appears to be a work-around for some of the freezes. After entering the game, I enter window mode and then go back to full-screen mode. This seems to fix whatever issue is going on with the windowServer and I no longer have weird lockups when moving/turning.

I’ve had this issue now on TWO separate computers. I have also running on a BRAND new MacBook Pro (16-inch, 2021) - Apple M1 Max - 64 GB

macOS Monterey 12.3.1 (21E258)

Any time at all I try to manually change the window resolution the game completely crashes on either my primary display, or external monitor.

Report ID 09B9218C-AAB8-438F-8D4C-03FADBD777E1

This problem persists. The last Blue post was in February. We players are collectively smart enough to find kludges. Is this type of info getting passed on to the programmers and other techs who are working to fix it? Time for another Blue post i feel.

Mac Mini (2018) i7 , OSX 10.14.6 , Radeon RX 580 eGPU

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This problem is STILL happening, and it makes this game unplayable for me during work hours. NOT COOL.

Some further info: I updated from macOS Monterey v12.2.1 to v12.3 on 3/22/22, which is the same day TBC Classic updated to v2.5.4, so I’m not sure exactly which software/OS update caused the problem. However, since that date, the game will often crash upon startup (i.e., clicking the WoW Classic icon → immediate crash). Sometimes it doesn’t crash, and it will let me log in to the game world. However, if I play the game in Windowed mode and click on a different window (like Firefox on my second monitor) then click back to the WoW window, the game becomes COMPLETELY UNRESPONSIVE to my mouse. My keyboard still works, but I can not click on anything or interact with in WoW with my mouse. The cursor also does not change back to the iconic gauntlet cursor, so it looks like WoW is no longer even registering my mouse.

I’ve been playing this game every day for months on my M1 mac with 0 issues, so it looks like it’s a problem with the latest patch. But it’s making the game unplayable for macOS users. Please fix this.

I am still experiencing this same problem.
TBC classic - latest version
All addons disabled
Mac OS - lastest version
M1 Max macbook pro

Still having the issue. It’s very frustrating when your game crashes just because your curser grazed the edge of your window.

Still having this issue. Seriously, I thought this would have been fixed by now. What’s going on Blizz?

Small lightweight indie company (net worth only $59,040,000,000 dollars) can’t afford to maintain their game on macOS.


This is STILL unresolved. Can we get an update at least!?